Crashing every 1-3 minutes


I’ve recently downloaded the game via the steam client and can’t seem to make it more then a couple of minutes with out a crash… Oddly I can can tell when it’s going to crash and purple/blue circular flashes start to happen randomly around my screen…

I’ve been able to play dozens of AAA titles on my PC with out issue so I don’t believe it’s hardware.
System Information
Alienware Aurora R8
GeForce RTX 2070

I have the same problems with MSI afterburner on or off.

I’ve done two clean reinstalls of the game via Steam.

Wondering if anyone can help me out with this?
Player-prev.log (48.6 KB)


Hey, Welcome to the forums…

As you know, LE is in beta so things like this do happen and is mostly related to the state of the performance / optimisation of LE and usually not a players system (although sometimes people with potatoes try to play on Ultra setttings). Stability is especially related to graphic settings at the moment.

As you didnt provide info on your in-game settings, I can only guess that with the config you have, you are probably pushing LE settings. So, assuming that and that you have made sure your system is up-to-date with patches, drivers etc, here are some suggestions:

Temporarily set your resolution to 1080p, 60fps frame limited (important) and ALL settings in-game to very low or disabled.

Test for stability with these settings… If its still unstable, then you have a different problem that could be harder to figure out.

If its now stable, then increase the resolution back to what you would like to play at… dont change anything else…
If its still stable, then increase the fps to match your monitor (or less) - very important DO NOT remove the frame rate limits entirely.
If its still stable, then increase the graphics in steps, testing as you go. It seems like Medium is the most stable on higher end systems with the latest CPU/GPU combinations. Low is usually recommended. Anything higher seems to cause problems and is obviously related to the resolution.

Leaving things like AA off is also recommended for stability/performance.

Obviously when the devs can get around to performance / optimisation, then we can all enable the eye-candy but for now it seems the “best” way to play is with conservative settings - even if your hardware should be able to handle more.

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