Crashing during Loading Screens

Hello Team,

I keep running into regular crashes when loading a new area. I can play fine for a few minutes but then the whole game crashes typically with no error message. the last time i got an error from Unity (unknown hard error). I limited FPS on NVIDIA control panel and installed new drivers as well as verified and reinstalled the files on steam. I also got some weird issues where when I loaded in everything but the UI was black or like fog of war’d out. I would love some suggestions as I love this game but if I cant play for more than a few minutes it really sucks. Thanks in advance for the help
DxDiag.txt (115.3 KB)
Player-prev.log (504.9 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (477 Bytes)
Player.log (508.4 KB)

I have this exact problem so I’ll post my crash report in here as well. I played for around 1-2 months on the first cycle and had 0 problems with crashing or anything similar but through my 10 hours so far in cycle 1.1 I’ve had it crash/black screen probably upwards of 30 times and this is the only game where it happens since before release I played the new FFXIV expansion for 8+ hours a day with 0 problems. Sometimes it just happens randomly when loading in to a new area and other times when I click over on my second monitor during a loading screen (have tried both Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen).

DxDiag.txt (113.1 KB)
Player.log (661.9 KB)