Crashing at Monolith

Recently I’ve begun crashing on entering and leaving the Monolith. The game just locks up and that’s the end of your run. So much for ‘progression’…:frowning:
I’m using my necro with 11 skellys and 1 blood golem. Too much for ya?


If this happens again, please post a log file. You can upload one and attach it to your post.

Too large to drop in reply. Following link will take you to it.

Same here. Second time it crashes after leaving my Monolith rift.

Playing on 1440p, with a GTX 1080ti / r7 3700x / 16 GB RAM. Also playing a necromancer (10 skeletons, 5 mage skeletons, 1 blood golem.)

It’s too heavy to upload it there as well.

I’m also experiencing the same thing. Also while running a Necromancer with tons of minions.
output_log.txt (3.4 MB)

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