Crashing after entering timeline

It’s not happened for a week or so, but had 2 cashes about 5 timelines apart. One last night, one today. I do not have the log from the first crash, I was way too tired to be bothered at 3:00 am.

Crashed as soon as I enter timeline, screen locks up. Was the 3rd timeline I did this game launch. Others no problems.

This crash one was in Broken Hills where I’ve already reported very low quality textures in this area, regardless of how high I set graphics Broken Hills low textures.

This is the log from the one just now Player.log (54.8 KB) le_graphicsmanager.ini (501 Bytes)

I’ve made no changes to graphics settings immediately before or between crashes.

GTX 1080ti, latest drivers 452.06

I will monitor any other crashes (hopefully zero) and see if they are in the same map or not.

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