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Crashing after 5-20mins of Gameplay

Can play for ~5min to 20mins before it hard crashes and reboots my computer.
I’ve updated all sound drivers, video drivers and window patches.
Lowered all graphic settings to very low. Tried windowed and full screen.
Also tried seeing if whocrashed can pick up the crash but to no avail.
See attached files.
Ive tried an older Graphics driver as well.
Ive tried stand alone .exe as well as steam. Verified files with steam.
closed down everything I could that was running in the background.
le_graphicsmanager.ini (493 Bytes)
Player-prev.log (50.3 KB) (15.3 KB)

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
AMD Radeon RX 5700
I think thats most relevant info?
Let me know and appreciate the help

Hey there, Welcome to the forum…

Sorry you are having hassles playing the game…

At first glance at your hardware & the settings, you should not be having hassles with LE. However, LE is in beta so it can stress our hardware when it shouldnt but even then at these settings it should not be doing anything to your system.

The player-prev.log file is not showing any major error that the game is able to trap… i.e. the crash seems to be happening external to the games own debugging…

Your DXDIAG diagnostic section (end of the file) contains what is probably the most useful…

Your system is crashing with LiveKernelEvent 124… and even has a BSOD Deaddead error…

Both of these are serious hardware related errors on your system and need to be traced/fixed.

DeadDead could be related to drivers, new hardware or even memory issues.

LiveKernel 124 could be related to thermals (CPU/GPU/Components/Case airflow), overclocking - clockspeed/voltages etc, driver incompatibility / corruption issues, BIOS updates/misconfigurations, failing hardware components (everything from CPU to harddrive or even networking). It is really hard to guess based on the info in the dxdiag report.

You may be able to find something on Google that matches all the additional error codes to find out exactly what the cause could be but from a quick search, everyone reporting this issue is able to play/stress their system for 5-15 min before it crashes - just like you are…

I would recommend that you remove LE from the loop entirely and run some system stress tests (Prime95/Furmark or benchmarks continously etc) while monitoring your system for usage/temps and any errors… I would also recommend running diagnostic tests like Memtest etc to make sure things are working as they should be.

I would also suggest that you View Reliability History on your system to see if it can provide any more useful information.

I would also physically check your system - make sure fans are running properly, cards and memory are seated correctly and the system is generally clean without any wires touching things they should not be etc… Make sure power cables are seated correctly and there is no general damage visable or any “burnt electronic smell” in your case…