Crashes since Hardware change

As topic says, crashes since hardware change, ill go through everything changed and profile etc, so hopefully this will help the devs in any way or form.

Previous Components.
CPU Amd 2700
M/B MSI x470 Gaming pro.
AIO W/C Corsair H100i.

New Components.
CPU Amd 5800x
M/B ROG Strix B550-F Gaming
AIO W/C X73 kraken rgb.

Besides the obvious issues (cpu related to heat and haveing to undervolt it & use push and pull on a tripple rad to get temps to a nice stable 65c full load), ram is the same rest of the system is the same and O/S is uptodate and runs fine.

I have noticed that when the crashes occour they are being auto sent, but these crashes have realy increased since the hardware change. hope anything stated will help in any way.

Class playing when crashes, Sentinal, Devoureing Orb, Smite. Sheild Charge.
(sorry for any typos).

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Its really hard to guess at what the cause could be without more information from you.

Please can you post your:

  • player.log - games debug file (please post it after a crash as its overwritten)
  • le_graphicsmanager.ini - game settings
  • output of a dxdiag report (assuming you are using windows) - snapshot of your hardware and drivers.

These files should give us something to start with… See Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

I am also assuming that you did a full reinstall of your OS when you changed hardware, all drivers are up to date and you have the OS fully updated & patched… Assuming BIOS updates are the latest and that your system is able to survive general “new system” stress tests and is stable. I am also assuming your reinstalled the game or at least verified the game files on the new hardware (if you are using steam).

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