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Crashes on launch

I just reinstalled and am getting a crash on launch. Last time I played was in 0.8.4 and I never had this problem. I have verified files on Steam. I have an absolute piece of junk AMD video card with constant driver timeouts in some games, though never before in Last Epoch. That card may be the source of the problem.

Player.log (32.1 KB)
DxDiag.txt (80.3 KB)

Hey there…

As you have guessed, a RX 560 is going to struggle with Last Epoch - its about 25% slower than the minimum spec needed. You havent provided your le_graphicsmanager.ini so I cannot see what settings you are running the game at but the player.log is showing all the usual D3d11 errors that occur when the GPU cannot handle the game settings… You even have the usual system out of memory error that start to happen when the CPU struggles to offload things to the GPU too…

Not much that can be done here other than reducing your in-game settings & fps limits to the absolute minimums… I doubt very much that you will be able to play at Very Low quality, all settings on their lowest option or disabled @ 1080p… I would suggest you set the fps limit as low as 30fps - in my experience, the RX 560 may not even be able to sustain that… definitely not 60fps unless you also drop your resolution down to 720p.

As the game is also very CPU bound, and yours is only a smidge better than the minimum, you are going to have to make sure that you do not run ANYTHING else while trying to play LE - no other apps, no overlays (like Steam Overlay) or absolutely ANYTHING else… Your system is unlikely to be stable if LE is sharing limited resources.

On a side note: Your diagnostic logs (end of the dxdiag file) are showing LiveKernelEvent 1a1. This is NOT good. If you google this, you will see various reasons for this but all are generally hardware related and usually serious… everything from faulty power delivery to dead memory to gpu failures… I recommend that you run very specific stress testing while monitoring your system to see if you can isolate the possible cause… LiveKernel events are not something I recommend you ignore as they could be a precursor to something catastrophic happening… If you are lucky, it may be an easy thing like a PSU that needs replacing or the system is overheating because the fans are dirty or your OS is so messed up with corrupted hardware drivers that it needs a clean install … but if not…

Okay, thank you for the advice and the very detailed reply. Prior to reinstalling today, the game was quite stable, albeit performance was about as expected.

How can I change graphics settings outside of the game? If I just go into le_graphicsmanager.ini and manually type in “Very Low” in every relevant field, would that work?

Prior to today - depends on a lot of factors that may have changed everything from the game itselt to anything else you have running/installed/updated/hardware since the last play - very hard to guess at what the difference between then & now could actually be…

I cannot say if the Livekernel events were happening before so perhaps a hardware component is intermittently failing since you last played…

Reinstalling would have reset the in-game settings to Medium quality at 1080p with 60fps… Its probable that your system is struggling with even these default settings…

You can edit the le_graphicsmanager.ini file by hand in a text editor…

Here is a copy of some of the lowest settings to chose from… You may have to consider even setting it to 720p just to get it to start properly. 1280×720. Be sure to enable the FPS limits.

ConfigVersion = 3
MasterQuality = VeryLow
TerrainQuality = VeryLow
ShadowQuality = VeryLow
HBAO Quality = VeryLow
SetHX = VeryLow
Reflections = VeryLow
ScreenSpaceReflections = VeryLow
GrassDensity = Off
antialiasingMode = OFF
ColorGradingIntensity = Bright
Bloom = false
vertical Sync = Off
StreamerMode = false
LimitForegroundFPS = true
MaxForegroundFPS = 60
LimitBackgroundFPS = true
MaxBackgroundFPS = 30
SelectedMonitor = 0
ScreenMode = MaximizedWindow
Resolution = 1920x1080
DetailShadows = false

Well I got the game to launch. Dramatically increasing the size of the windows paging file was what it took. I downloaded OCCT to do a bunch of stress tests, and at least running each of them for 30 minutes or so didn’t turn up any problems. I’m not well-versed in this type of thing, but I’ll run longer tests tomorrow and hope nothing goes wrong.

Paging file is memory related but there should not be a need to adjust this manually on Windows 10 unless you have some abnormal config happening… If you need to expand your swap file to play the game successfully, then you definitely are trying to run the game at settings your system cannot handle or you have something else using up memory the game needs and your system is struggling to juggle everything dynamically. Quality settings in game have a direct impact on memory usage as the CPU has to load the various GPU related items (textures etc) from the system memory into the GPU memory when you load the game and every time you unload and load into a new map area - thats why the game doesnt load or crashes when loading new maps.

OCCT. I dont use packaged apps like this for stress testing myself because I dont know exactly what they are doing and how they interpretted results when they provide results like “Your system is fine”. Imho, things like OCCT, tend to be good for “new machine” burn ins to make sure new components are working correctly / temps are ok / performance is as expected, but I find them lacking when troubleshooting problems…

I prefer to use individual items like Prime95, Furmark. Memtest and others to really stress indivdual components while monitoring things independantly. Obviously this takes some experience so its not for everyone… 30 minutes is unlikely to show anything unless its 100% maxing out all major components for the entire time and even then it may not be doing a specific thing that is the cause of the problem on your system.

LE aside, the main thing you need to do is figure out why you are getting the LiveKernel events… The key is that you could have a range of issues happening on your machine all contributing to the problem in some sort of “prefect storm” situation and each individual item may not actually cause any issue on its own… Finding the problem will require a very systematic approach to troubleshoot and monitoring everything & checking logs every time to see if there is any common pattern…

Once you get the game working, you could obviously ignore the livekernel events - thats entirely up to you… I wouldnt recommend it, but thats me… even on your old hardware it would still bother me knowing there is something wrong/not working properly.