Crashes every 15-30 mins, recent issue

Within the last few days have been experiencing frequent crashes every 15-30 mins leading to the unity error window that others are getting. I’ve tried deleting the graphicsini file, I’ve updated drivers (actually rolled back drivers to try that too) and updated drivers a 2nd time. i’ve also repaired/verified on steam. Still having crash issues frequently. Any help would be appreciated.

Player.log (3.0 MB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (486 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (102.6 KB)

I can see from your DxDiag that you’ve got a 4080 and you’re getting a few bluescreens recently and Diablo 4 also crashed.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have you recently changed your hardware configuration - for example, have added a new network card ro recently plugging in a controller?

  • Are you over-clocking your graphics card? If so, you probably want to re-evaluate your OC settings :slight_smile:

Hopefully one of these help you to identify the issue.

I haven’t made any changes and D4 has had its own problems with lots of players crashing. Also it’s not OC. I’ll just lurk these forums I guess and see if something comes up.

Hey hey – it’s likely some very unfortunate combination of the game code, Unity, the drivers and the hardware.

So, I’ve had another look at your DxDiag and I can see

Problem signature:
P1: Last Epoch.exe
P2: 2019.4.40.50731
P3: 62a10ee1
P4: UnityPlayer.dll
P5: 2019.4.40.50731
P6: 62a11020
P7: c0000005
P8: 00000000005942fc

UnityPlayer.dll is part of the Unity framework, not Last Epoch.
c0000005 is an access violation, which is when the module (Unity in this case) tries to write to memory it is not permitted to write.

I’ve had a look online and there are piles of Unity games experiencing this issue. Here are a couple more things to consider, which might resolve the issue for you:

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