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Crashed every 5-10 minutes

Have the problem with my new PC.Game crashes every 5-10 minutes.With my old one i had no problems.and the old one was not so good as my newest.The game stops and i can do nothing i must stop the game over the taskmanager and Steam too.Only than i can start the game new.
Player.log (67,3 KB)
Player-prev.log (66,7 KB)


Please can you include your in-game settings & dxdiag file.

The player logs dont show any crashes or any major errors so I cannot see what could be happening.

LE is in beta and is unoptimised so if you have increased the settings on your new computer thinking that it could handle more, it could be that the game is crashing because of that… As a test, change your settings to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited with ALL in-game settings on very low or disabled or the lowest option… If the game works fine with these settings then thats the issue and you have to be conservative with your eye-candy options.


  • Make sure to verify the game via Steam
  • Make sure that your OS is patched and updated. at least 19043 for Windows 10
  • Make sure that you are using a recent graphics drivers… something from the last 2 to 3 months. for nvidia do not use driver 466.77
  • Make sure that there isnt anything else runnign while you are playing LE… disable Steam overlays etc…

If you post the other info I can try and suggest more…

Hi thx for your answer,here are both.
DxDiag.txt (123,2 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (478 Bytes)


In-game settings

  • I dont recommend High graphics settings… Imho there really isnt that much visual difference between High & Medium and anything that reduces load on a GPU makes the game more stable. That said, it should be ok.

  • You must enable framerate limiting - you dont have vsync or framerate limits enabled. This lets LE max out your GPU and the game is known to crash if you do this. Set it to your monitor hz or less.

  • As a general rule, I like to target 60-70% average GPU usage while in game - this allows for the game to have headroom to max out during busy times without causing instability. Monitor your GPU usage and adjust fps limits and settings to find something comfortable for your setup.


  • Make sure your graphics driver is not version 466.77 - it looks like its 471.11 but check,

  • Consider forcing Windows 10 to only use your 1660 for LE… In settings/display/graphic settings - should not really be needed but may as well try it if nothing else works.

  • The diagnostic section (at the end of the file)… shows problems with Steam - you may need to reinstall steam to make sure its working properly… here is a decent explaination of that process so that you dont need to reinstall games. Obviously this is at your own risk so be sure to backup savegames etc if you do this.

I have tried all the things you said but nothing works.The game stop running every time and freez!And I can`t login the game only a button to switch the user.I play more games like yours D3,PoE,Wolcen,D2 Resureccted alpha ect.but with no game i have the problems as in LE.I try to play without steam and used LE launcher but the problem is the same.And my System is current,windows and graphic drivers are the newest!And in every thread where peoples write from crashes ingame comes the same answer.Windows updates,driver version ect.But never that the problem is perhaps on your side.Sorry for my angry answer but the game is not playable for me and many other.It’s not fun to play like that.
I hope that some updates fix the problem with crashes.

I dont work for EHG, I am just a normal player like you.

This single statement should tell you that the game works… This means that logically, something on your new system is causing the crashes - the problem is to try and find out what it is. Getting angry when you know the game worked fine on your old system doesnt make sense.

Try and think what could be different between your old and new systems - obviously the hardware, but anything else? New controller? New apps?

Its very important that you tried the suggestions above carefully and didnt miss anything… OS, Drivers, Steam Errors everything needs to be checked and fixed to make sure that your new system doesnt have something installed that is causing the problem. Just because you are using a new driver doesnt mean its better than the old one… for example… nvidia driver 466.77 causes black screens in LE… Sometimes its better to try older drivers. For example, what were you using on your old machine?

You might also have some sort of problem with your savefiles from your old computer - something might have corrupted them causing the crashes… You can test this by deleting the last epoch folder - Warning - you must back it up first - while steam and the game is NOT running. Then run Steam and verify game files and try to play after that.

Also… the moment you can get into the game the following is the most stable settings:
1080p, 60fps framerate limited (important)… ALL in-game settings on very low or disabled… These settings stop most crashes for players using any hardware.

I tried all but nothing helps the problem.Windows and graphicdriver are the newest.GPU works fine too but the game is not playable for me.Its not funny to play with the freezers.Sometimes runs the game over an our without problems.and from one second to another freez the game and nothing works.
Will wait for 2-3 patches and than i come back.
Thanks for your help.