Crash with linux client probably since upgrade to ubuntu 22.04

Hi Team,

Since I have upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 I have tried to launch again LE but it starts and then just crash, even closing the steam client.

I am not 100% this is only linked to the upgrade as I had left the game for some times.

I am attaching the 2 logs and the system specs.


PS: if you feel it will be solved by version 0.9 I can wait and retest after the update

System spec.log (95.2 KB)
Player.log (13.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (13.6 KB)

Just to make sure I have verified file integrity. Received message all 860 files verified. and still the same crash that kills the Steam Client


I dont think this is Ubuntu… although it may have updated drivers etc that are involved in your problem.

What in-game settings are you using? Your GPU - GTX 860M - is about 70% slower than the lowest minimum requirement for LE on Steam and is unlikely to be able to play on the default Medium settings without crashing. (medium @ 1080p is the default config on installation).

In my experience its unlikely to even handle Very Low quality settings at 1080p at anything I would consider an acceptable framerate… In fact, you would probably need to run at 720p to be playable at all…

The log you provided stops just as the game is trying to setup the screen resolution and sync - this is usually a sign that its struggling already and cannot load up the login screen.

You could try manually editing the le_graphicsmanager.ini file and changing all quality settings to VeryLow and adjusting the resolution to something less than 1080p, but your GPU is going to struggle with LE.

EDIT: 0.9 is supposed to come with performance improvements but I think they will not be enough to make a difference in your case…

Thanks for the info.

Yes I had not great fps but I have played for 336h with all the different version of LE so it was kind of playable :wink:

I had indeed set the graphics to something low butI could play I was very happy to do it…

I will try the _graphicsmanager modification and will let you know

ConfigVersion = 3
MasterQuality = VeryLow
TerrainQuality = VeryLow
ShadowQuality = VeryLow
HBAO Quality = VeryLow
SetHX = VeryLow
Reflections = VeryLow
ScreenSpaceReflections = VeryLow
GrassDensity = Off
antialiasingMode = TAA
ColorGradingIntensity = Bright
Bloom = true
vertical Sync = Off
StreamerMode = false
LimitForegroundFPS = true
MaxForegroundFPS = 60
LimitBackgroundFPS = true
MaxBackgroundFPS = 30
SelectedMonitor = 0
ScreenMode = ExclusiveFullScreen
Resolution = 1920x1080
MemoryAllocation = 0
DetailShadows = false

I do not see much that I can change

If you are already on very low then there isnt much left but resolution and framerate…

To try and get the game going:

  • set the MaxForegroundFPS to 30
  • set the Resolution to 1280×720

If the game launches then you can always try other settings… if it doesnt I am not sure what else may be possible. Check your new player.log to see if the game is getting further in the initialisation compared to the first log…

I am not sure if the Ubuntu GPU driver settings will let you adjust any performance metric to help… On Windows the drivers do let you squeeze a little more out of a card at the OS level. That said, be sure to check that your GPU related drivers & subsystem are up to date.

You may also want to consider trying the different launch options on Linux - i.e. Proton or Native modes - some people have experienced better performance by swapping but its VERY dependant on individual setups - logically the native should perform better but some people find Proton version does…

Also… IMPORTANT note - you need to make 100% sure that the game is not being launched on your iGPU (the Intel® HD Graphics 4600 part of your CPU)… The log seems to indicate that its using the 860M but its hard to tell what laptops are actually doing behind the scene… If any part of the game engine is trying to interact with the iGPU, its likely going to crash because that GPU is totally insufficient to run LE no matter the settings.

If you can get it to load even at a lower fps/resolution, then the next version 0.9 may have a chance of performing better…

ok I will try that.

I have also cheked and there is a new nvidia 515 driver. I am still running the 470 so I will try that update first.

Steam allows me to play Elder Scroll Online on the same PC with absolutely nice framerate.

And again it was playing just fine before my upgrade…

Crossing fingers

Drivers ok - very important on Linux

Elder Scroll Online minimum requirements are much lower than LE and its not running Unity Game Engine (can be more system intensive than other game engines)… and you may find that ESO does a lot of things on the server side, freeing up local resources needed for the game client… LE is also in Beta so I wouldnt compare your performance with the two.

Before upgrade… It could be various things - perhaps the Ubuntu upgrade is needing more from your hardware and there is less for LE to work with… Perhaps its a GPU driver or subsystem issue that you havent updated yet…

Lets face it, your system is pretty old now so anything new you try and run on it stands a good chance of being slower so while LE may have limped along before, it may not be able to on the newer OS… Its just like any upgrade… Photoshop 5 may have been fine but upgraded to CS and its dog slow…

Yes. I know this laptop is from May 2015 but it was still fine…
I have just update to 515 and cannot even start steam now…
need to dig into that

ok… I have to start steam from the terminal now…

I have set the resolution and maxfps but still it crashes steam… will have to wait for 0.9 and hope…

Thanks for your help

I think you have other more important issues going on if you have to start Steam from the terminal… I think LE is just secondary at this point.

Yeah, your laptop may still be fine for daily use, but lets face it, its so underpowered by todays standards - especially for gaming - that I dont honestly think anything the devs do will make that much difference in the next patch… You may be able to fiddle around under the hood, trying alternative apis like vulkan/proton etc, maybe even different Mesa drivers or creating some swap files to give your system a little more memory and finding some Ubuntu tweaks to eek out a little more here or there… you may get lucky and launch the game but its still never going to play well enough to be enjoyable…

Just another piece of info, I can still play Path of Exile with that PC after the Buntu 22.04 move so I really hope the 0.9 will save the day…

As I have mentioned before the fact that other games play ok has virtually no bearing on LE… All it says is that your setup can run games, specifically older ones that dont use the same underlying technologies.

Also, to reiterate, your GPU is about 70% slower than the minimum spec for LE so just the fact that you were able to get LE to even launch previously is an achievement… Changing OS adds more load on your already lower than spec system so I honestly have no illusions that 0.9 is going to do anything for you… It MAY improve things to counter the increased OS requirements and again allow LE to play, but I would definitely not expect it to be a silver bullet in this case.

Perhaps the game improvements will work, perhaps the refactoring they are doing on the back-end might help general performance and improve specifically Linux related issues… I honestly dont know…

I personally would not assume anything and accept that LE may not work well or even at all… Its a pessimistic view but a realistic one considering the technology requirements havent actually been met.

Yes. Yes. I know all that and I will understand if it does not work…

But I have played almost 350h with LE on this PC and I just love it so much…

It would be a big disapointment not to be able to play again…

That game is good and I am sure the next version with multi will be estupendous…

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