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Crash When entering Erza's Study

output_log.txt (242.9 KB)
Attached my output log.
OS- windows 10
PC- 16gigs of ram
GPU - Nvidia geforce gtx 970
Replicated Bug 3 times. Ran through zone clicked entrance. only other program running was Twitch stream.


Moving to Technical Support.

Hi there,

The log file doesn’t appear to reference a crash. Each time the game client is opened, the contents of this file are reset. If you crash again, could you please give us a new log file?

Here’s the output log from my last try to go to Erza’s Study.
output_log.txt (495.1 KB)


I’m still not seeing any mention of a crash in the log, however.

Could you please provide more information regarding what happens? Does the game client close and show an error message (if so, what does it say?)? Does the game client get greyed out with Windows saying that it has stopped responding? Does the game client just abruptly stop running with no error message being presented?

Load screen for area comes up purple swirl starts to spin… stops then game just closes to desk top. No error message, no pop up, no noises.
Just changed some video settings same result.

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