Crash Upon Changing Zones and Casting Chaos Bolts

The fact the it is related to the burn allowed me narrow it down bit more.
It happens when you cast Chaos Bolt, before having cast Cthonic Fissure and/or Infernal Shade.
As long as you start by cast Cthonic Fissure and Infernal Shade before casting Chaos Bolt you’re good to go.
Note that if you never use one of theses skill it’s also OK.

The exact step to reproduce the bug is :

  1. Start the game
  2. Cast Cthonic Fissure and/or Infernal Shade
  3. Change zone
  4. Cast Chaos Bolt before recasting the spell(s) from step 2

Still have the issue, also the above is false, if I:

  1. enter a zone
  2. cast cthonic fissure
  3. cast chaos bolts
    the game still crashes

Also confirming “The Burn” causes this issue. Noticeable lag spike when first engaging enemies on a monolith, finish the monolith, start a new, and then a huge lag spike with memory being used out the wazoo to a crash.