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Crash on game start

Hello, I’ve bought a game from Steam and trying to launch it, but it crashes each time.
It shows Loading Splash Screen, than UnityCrashHandler window appears and then disappears among with Loading Splash Screen.

I’ve tried the following actions:

  • Reboot the PC;
  • Check game files via Steam
  • Reinstall the game

Please, can you help me with this issues?

I am also attaching debug information about my system and logs from game regarding this article
Hope it helps.

Player.log (27.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (9.5 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (489 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (124.9 KB)

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are having hassles playing…

Based on the info you have provided:

  1. Debugging problems on laptops is notoriously difficult so its important to keep an eye out for anything that could be the cause here… Especially things specific to laptops like custom apps that manage power vs performance or handle graphics swapping from integrates iGPUs to discreet GPUs on the fly… Key things is to make sure that LE is running on the 3080 Mobile GPU (and not the integrated one) and that any dynamic optimisation is fixed at performance mode while playing… Also make sure that power limits etc are not set to preserve battery (and obviously plug the laptop in). Look out for any laptop bloatware (especially auto update / call home type things) and disable it while testing LE (just to make sure its not causing issues). I assume that you are using the external GPU upgrade for the laptop - I honestly have no idea how well this works or if it could potentially be an issue or if there is some configuration to change to make it work with LE.

  2. The player log is referencing nvwgf2umx.dll as causing issues - this is part of the graphics card drivers… You are running the latest so I would suggest that you roll back to something earlier as newer drivers tend to be fairly unstable - just dont use 466.77 on your 3080 - try something from more than a month ago. You may also need to do a safe mode uninstall and install to be sure that the driver updates properly (or use something like DDU).

  3. Your OS build is 19041… Windows has two more updates since this… 19042 and 43. I would recommend at least 42, preferably 43.

  4. Your in-game settings are ok for your hardware and the state of the game optimisation right now - obviously your hardware should be able to handle much more but those settings should be stable with the beta state of the game… Only thing I think you MUST do is enable the framerate limiting - this will keep your GPU from maxing out and causing the game to crash or freeze or do a variety of odd things. I also suggest you monitor your GPU usage and see which settings cause big usage spikes - things like grass, shadows,AA etc. and find the setting that best suits your setup.

  5. The dxdiag diagnostic section at the end confirms that LE is crashing with nvwgf2umx.dll - i.e. the graphics driver… - at quick count there are at least 6 crashes with the same error. So its important to try a different driver and check the laptop graphics settings as mentioned above.

  6. Also in there is an error related to your Intel Wireless card (Intel_PIE_Service.exe) - you need to double check your system and make sure that ALL hardware devices are using the correct drivers and that you dont have any components with incorrect drivers or not installed correctly… Use Device Manager and the Windows Event log to check that everything is working/upgraded/installed correctly for the hardware components in your system… Unfortunately this is not as easy to do on a laptop, but I would definitely go to the ASUS driver/support page for your laptop and make sure you have the latest from there… Bios included…

I have the same problem. Game worked fine yesterday - no issues. Today, it crashes on every start. I once got to character selection.

The only change in my software (or hardware) since yesterday is the windows update KB5004945.

Player.log (25.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (27.6 KB)

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Please can I ask that you create your OWN thread. Technical issues - while seemingly similar can get very complicated and adding other peoples specific situations tends to confuse the OP and any subsequent suggestions… e.g. in this post, his hardware is very specific and very new and vastly differnet to yours and making very specific suggestions related to his (or your setup) is unlikely to apply to both…

I’ll reply specifically to your new post and remember, please include your system info & in-game settings in your post.

Hello, vapourfire!
Thank you so much for this detailed answer. Yes, you are right, I’m using eGPU on my laptop. Looks like it’s the reason of crashes, because I’ve tried a few options you provide, but nothing helps at all. So I’ve tried to switch to my dGPU (GTX 1650) and the game started without any issue.
Anyways, thank you a lot for your help. Maybe in future I will try to run this game with eGPU again.

Best regards,
newbie player. :slight_smile:


Glad you are playing!

Pity you cannot use the eGPU tho… It could definitely be LEs beta state or even a combination of the drivers/the way the laptop uses the eGPU or a number of things…

If you havent already done it, I would still patch your OS & the other drivers…

Maybe try again with the eGPU after a few more LE patches… Although the GTX1650 should be perfectly fine running LE at your screen resolution/refresh rate - the 3080 would be overkill even with LE being unoptimised…