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Crash on Character selection


My game crash after hit “play” on the character selection screen.

I already verify the game and redownload it but no change.

DxDiag.txt (123.6 KB)

Player.log (9.3 KB)

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

There are no crash messages in either your player.log or dxdiag report so I am going to assume that the game is just hanging until you terminate it manually.

A few things:

  1. Crashes on character selection are usually either corrupted install, corrupted saves or trying to run the game with settings that are too high (remember the game is unoptimised and has performance issues).

  2. What in-game settings are you using? (le_graphicsmanager.ini). Conservative settings are more stable due to the state of the game right now. If you have changed settings from the default, then I recommend you reset them by removing the le_graphicsmanager.ini before launching the game - this will set everything back to defaults when it starts.

  3. Is your Windows 11 fully patched - it looks like there are at least 2 updates

  4. Your GPU driver is from January. Please can you install a new GPU driver and make sure to do a CLEAN install, not an upgrade.

  5. Please dont run any other applications while testing LE… This includes things like Steam Overlays etc (LE doesnt use it so you can disable it). Temporarily dont run anything - it doesnt matter how irrelevant you think it is, just try without it running.

  6. Your Diagnostic section of the Dxdiag file (end of the file) shows lots of Windows errors related to your display settings/control panel… a few google searches seem to indicate that this could be related to a failed update or some other corruption of system files. I recommend you consider Using System File Checker in Windows . It also looks like windows Store updating failed or is struggling with something.