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Crash LE - Please help!

I bought the last epoch yesterday on steam and played the game without any problems. However, I am trying to play the game today, but after crashing once, it keeps crashing in less than 5 minutes. Someone please check the log below and help me.

In addition, I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again, and changed the game install drive.
After the problem occurred, I tried installing the latest graphic driver and also tried windows update. However, the problem remains.

error.log (83.9 KB)
Player.log (50.9 KB)

Hey there, Welcome to the forums…

The logs you have provided are saying that Direct3D is crashing and specifically when trying to create textures etc…

These errors are usually related to in-game settings, GPU drivers or game file corruption. Using Steam, simple game file verification usually solves any install problems. A clean safe mode, GPU driver installation (or use DDU) usually solves any driver problem (a normal upgrade/gpu driver install does not always resolve driver issues - it needs to be a clean install).

Did you change the game graphics setting from the defaults after your first successful play session?

You did not include the settings file (le_graphicsmanager.ini) so I cannot see what settings you are using but from the error log I can see that you are using a 3440 x 1440 resolution with a 100 hz refresh rate on a 2070S… At this combination of resolution, framerate and higher quality settings the game will have stability issues. LE is in beta and is generally unoptimised so pushing a combination of high res, high fps and high graphics is more than likely going to cause issues.

Whatever the settings are right now, I would recommend you drop them back down to the lowest possible config at your resolution - i.e. Very Low, all special features disabled (shadows, grass, AA etc)… and set the framerate limit to 60fps (very important). Test for stability at these settings… if its better, then you can consider increaseing quality settings one by one with testing until you find an acceptable compromise between performance, quality and stability.

Note… LE will max out your GPU usage unless you limit it in some way… A permanently maxed out GPU will be unstable with LE in its current state… A simple way to keep LE in check is to use the in-game framerate limit - I have found that if you use the framerate limit to keep the GPU usage at about 60-70% while standing in town doing nothing (with whatever quality settings you have enabled), this leaves the GPU some headroom for busy play moments without keeping it maxed all the time.