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Crash -Last Epoch Not responding

I am getting semi frequent crashes where the game freezes and message that the application is not responding
DxDiag.txt (107.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (501 Bytes)
Player.log (11.1 KB)
Player-prev.log (946.4 KB)


Sorry you are having hassles…

Thanks for posting this information… There could be many different things causing the LE instability you are experiencing…

Some things to do first:

  • Update your GPU & Windows - you seem to have done this
  • Verify the game files - very important to make sure that game corruption is not causing the problems

Specific things to try:

  1. Performance related instability… LE is unoptimised & in beta so there are performance related issues that can be caused by trying to play the game in higher settings… looking at your settings file, you are playing on 3440x1440 on a 100hz monitor (vsync) with very high settings and most eye candy (shadows/grass etc) enabled. If the game were optimised and not in beta, I would say that this should be ok on your hardware spec, BUT with the current state of the game this is definitely a possible cause of instability… I would recommend that you drop the game down to very low settings with a 60fps framerate limit (not vsync) and disable all things like shadows/grass etc… You may even want to consider dropping down the resolution to 2560x1440 or less temporarily - Test the game with these lower settings to see if its more stable… If it is, then you are defintiely suffering from the known performance issues and just have to be conservative with your settings until the devs can deal with the game optimisation. If the game is still crashing, then the problem could be something else.
  • The player.log is not showing LE crashing so its likely that the game is hanging rather than crashing - this unforutnatley does mean that there are no error logs to work from…

  • The diagnostic section of your Dxdiag is showing a lot of errors/problems

    • ArmourySocketServer.exe is crashing… This is part of ROG - Republic of Gamers|Global | For Those Who Dare applications and could be causing other problems on your system… You need to either update it and/or resolve this issue.

    • GameManagerService.exe is crashing - this is part of the Razer software on your ssytem… again… you need to deal with this as it could potentially be messing around with other apps including LE.

    • THXService.exe is crashing - this is some sort of sound related service - it might be part of another application or game that support THX sound but again, this should ot be crashing… It has happened more than once and could indicate a problem with the sound devices on your machine - which could definitely affect things like games…

    • Aac3572MbHal_x86.exe is crashing - this is part of the Asus Aura RGB application and should also be fixed - its crashed more than once…

    • Your system has Bluescreened at least twice… This is NOT good and must be addressed… The one BSOD refers to a problem with your GPU driver nvlddmkm and its power management… I would recommend that you physically check your GPU card and make sure the power cables are correctly seated and the fans are working fine… I would also suggest that you do a safe mode driver reinstallation (or use DDU) to make 100% sure that your GPU drivers are not corrupted in some way…

    • The other BSOD does not include any more information - I would suggest you View Reliabilty History on your machine to check the error and see if there is any additional information or livekernel events that could explain why the error happened.

    • Last Epoch is registering as AppHang which explains why there are no error logs to work from… Unfortunatley the apphang message provides no meaningful help in figuring out a potential cause.

    • The last error reported is related to wlibim.dll which apparently is part of Microsoft Office 2016… Its unlikely to be related to LE or the bluescreens but you might want to see if your office installation is actually ok…

Wow, great response with lots of helpful info and things to try! You guys at Last Epoch are absolutely fantastic and deserve to be truly successful with this game.

Lol… I agree that EHG should be successful with LE… but I dont work for them and dont have any affliation with them… I’m just bored so I help out here… :wink:

I hope one of the suggestions above helps with your issue…

Whoa, that is even more impressive!

@vapourfire I was able to get the game running smooth now even after switching back to ultra settings. Not sure which of the fixes ultimately got it working well, but I think the Asus software and cleaning the video drivers with DDU and reinstalled did the trick. Thank you!

Great… Whatever the solution was, you are playing the game…

Just one last piece of advice… Dont play on Ultra… Imho, there is very little difference between the graphics quality on Very High & Ultra - especially while in combat - and Ultra doesnt seem to be the most stable setting right now… Pretty sure your GPU will be happier too… :wink: