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Crash in same time in same place

Good day to all. I can not attach correct files, i think, cause the adjacent topic with instructions has links that lead to nowhere.

In the same place, showing a window with an “instruction … memory could not be read” error

The problem occurs in the same place - rahey’s warpath quest, after clicking on the time rift, loading starts, during it a crash occurs, when I re-enter the game I see the task “leave the chamber” - and I have to run to immortal citadel every time. to defeat the bosses - they jump into the portal and so on again, the graphics settings were reduced, the RAM was checked, the video card driver was updated.

P.S. Is it possible to somehow activate the next waypoint without going through the download after a temporary break? it’s very tiring to beat the bosses every time … I’m tired.

Please help who can.

launcher-log.txt (13.6 KB)
output_log.txt (1007.8 KB)
error.log (57.3 KB)
Player.log (49.4 KB)

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

The game is crashing when in the Immortal Citadel map - it is reporting particle system errors (its struggling with the graphics) and the error log is reporting that the fmodstudio.dll component (sound related) is crashing. Each of these errors point to different components - GPU & CPU involved.

Immortal Citadel is a particularly unoptimised map that others have had issues with but it doesnt crash for everyone and seems to be performance based more than a specific bug - i.e. there are a few people like yourself having problems but the majority of players do not experience anything other than a loss of performance (fps etc).

You do not provide the le_graphicsmanager.ini file or any dxdiag reporting so I dont have any specifics on your game settings, system config beyond what I can see from the error.log.

From the info I can see that you are using a GTX 960 GPU and an AMD FX-4350 with 8GB ram on a 1080p setup with 60fps framerate… I cannot see much else…

This hardware is basically the minimum spec for running LE… Which means that you should have set the game on the absolute LOWEST possible settings available and disabled all special features like shadows, AA, grass etc.

LE is in beta and is generally unoptimised and has known performance related instability… so having hardware that just makes the minimum spec, means that you will have to run the game at its lowest possible settings. You may even have to drop down to less resolution and cap the framerate lower than your screen is capable of.

My recommendations:

  1. Make sure your OS is up to date with no failed or awaiting confirmation updates.

  2. Make sure your GPU driver is recent and that you did a CLEAN SAFE MODE driver installation - NOT a driver upgrade.

  3. Check your windows event viewer/ View Reliability History to confirm that you dont have any system errors that could be affecting your machine.

  4. Run a Steam Game File Integrity / Verification Check to ensure that your installation is ok and hasnt been corrupted by the crashes…

  5. Because your hardware is the bare minimum, DO NOT run ANYTHING else while trying to play LE. Doesnt matter what it is, just dont run it…

  6. Set the game to the following settings:

  • 1080p ( you may have to consider dropping this to 720p)
  • ALL quality settings to Very Low
  • Disable ALL special features like AA, shadows, grass etc.
  • Set the framerate limit to 40fps. You may even have to set this lower or reduce resolution.
  1. One last edit - regarding sound… make sure that whatever sound devices etc you are using have the latest drivers etc… Also do this for anything you are using on your machine as it sounds like its quite old hardware so there could be older drivers in place that could affect things…
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