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Crash, Crash and Crash

Im sorry for the title but im really tired for all those crash during gaming
I bought game from steam, at first can not join game after login screen even i have tried anything that i have read from other post in this forum, game still crash. After delete the game from steam i download the client from main website, game still CRASH, but i found the method that can help me play the game, that is i can only enter game at the fresh start of my laptop. I can not re-run game after i closed it, must restart the laptop to play this game. I have did that method for few days until now, game crash when i in-game and the crash loop repeat if im not restart my laptop.
le_graphicsmanager.ini (461 Bytes)
Player.log (92.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (296.0 KB)
version.txt (6 Bytes)

Hi. Welcome to the forums…

Please can you inlude the output from the dxdiag report - this will contain system info and more details of any crashes on your system that could be affecting LE.

Normal things to try:

  • Make sure you are running 0.8.3C - new patch.
  • Make sure to use GPU drivers from the last 2-3 months.
  • Make sure your OS is patched and there are no failed patches…

What are you running on your laptop when you try and start LE? This sounds like there is something happening on your machine while you play and is causing errors after… Almost like LE plays, then doesnt shutdown properly and crashes if you try and start it again.

The player.log contains one or two specific debug errors that the developers can check some bugs but it doesnt show any proper application crashes - these types of errors usually have more information if the game managed to log the crash as it happened…

Gaming on laptops is sometimes very hard to make work properly but one thing that is very important - making sure that the laptop is ONLY using your discreet graphics card when playing LE… You have not provided your system info so I cannot tell, but usually more powerful laptops have an integrated iGPU (for power saving) & a discreet GPU (for graphical apps & games)… You can do this in the nvidia driver settings for your 2060 - make sure that the lastepoch.exe is ONLY running on the 2060 GPU…

Hi, My laptop is MSI GF65 with i7-9750H 16Gb RAM with RTX2060
All driver and Window have been updated to lastest version.
While playing game i have turn off all other proglem like msi afterburner, rival, etc
This game is the only game that i must make the very clean environment in order to play

This is normal - its an early access beta game… A big part of playing the game right now is to test and sometimes you need to change settings to enable the beta game to play properly.

When the devs have finished with the content & spent time doing optimisation & dealing with performance issues and finally launch the game, then it shouldnt need this, but right now its just part of testing a beta.

I checked your processor and it has Intel® UHD Graphics 630 enabled… You MUST edit the setting in your nvidia setup to make sure that your Laptop does NOT use this graphics card when trying to play last epoch… There are quite a few players who had constant crashing because their laptop tries to use both GPUs while playing LE…

This is a very important step in trying to figure out your problem…

You also need to ensure that your laptop is on performance mode and is not trying to dynamically do any changes to the cpu & gpu while playing…

Also… please post your dxdiag output - it will have details on any issues that your system could also be having - Open and run DxDiag.exe

DxDiag.txt (118.6 KB)
Here is my dxdiag


The diagnostic section shows that Last Epoch is not actually crashing, it is hanging with the AppHangB1 error… This explains why you dont have any crash information in the player.log… It could also explain why the game cannot be restarted until you restart your laptop - restarting your laptop clears all the hanged app processes and allows the game to restart properly.

This doesnt explain why its hanging though… so you will have to test after making the changes above…

You are also having other errors that you need to look at:

  • LiveKernelEvent 144 - this is quite serious and could be related to hardware in some way… i.e. hardware fails or hardware device drivers - this could be any hardware device in your machine… everything from the usb to the gpu or even a motherboard component… It could be as simple as a device driver that needs installing or updating but it could also be a serious indication of something physically failing on your machine… You need to View Reliability History on your machine and see if these 144 errors point to something specific that you can fix…

  • There is a memory related error message with Path Of Exile but that you can safely ignore.

  • The only app that is officially being logged as crashing is the Dragon Center.exe - I am assuming this is the MSI Dragon Center app… I would suggest you either check for updates to this or uninstall it and consider using something else… Considering what it does, it could very well be a problem on your system.

I am crashing also. I get the message the game is not responding and have to force close application.

Hey there… please can you start your own post … Its very hard to provide support when people have different systems and could potentially have different causes for the same problem.

remember to include as much detail as to what is happening and your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini file and the output of the dxdiag report…