Cosmetic Shop Beta | Coming in Rising Flames

Oh sorry, what was that?

And that’s what LE should have focused on instead of ladders or online play. A good game that would be along side Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Torchlight (2), instead of the live service games

Your opinion is valid but I actually prefer online play myself. Mods are great but it’s not what I like in this genre

There’s room for both, quality SP/offline games, potentially cheating infested P2P games & closed-server based online games. If you don’t like one or some of them then you don’t need to buy/play them.


MP was a part of LE’s plan from the get-go. The only way to do that is on-line so they have to embrace that side no matter what. Grim Dawn is my favorite aRPG of all-time and there MP is crap. But they never intended it to be MP. LE has, always. The criticism that they should’ve gone that route is about 5 years too late.


this is my biggest issue.
I bought a lot of MTXes in POE but they looked visually stunning to me.
Before asking 15$ ifor a simple cloak it should have something special before i consider buying it. But hey iam not mad even with the new prices. I only buy it if i think its worth it.

I do think however that certain things would sell better if they would be a lower brack price… and would add up in the end.
I did bought expensive MTXes btw so thats not my gripe.
I just dont buy an expensive painting that feels like i could have made myself pretty easily

Just to say, the earliest POE mtx isnt much different in quality compared to what we have in LE’s beta mtx shop :slight_smile: