Cosmetic prices

First off really like the game but $20 for an armor set is outrageous. I didn’t buy them in d4 at those prices and want buy them here. $15 or better yet $10 is what I’m willing to pay. It’s not about the money it’s the principle and the feeling of being someone’s sucker. Do you want to sale me 5 skins at $10 each or no skins at $20?

Again love the game and want to continue supporting it with cosmetic purchases (have spend $20 so far) just not at some of the current prices.

Well at least the normal armors ingame look good and the MTX is ugly af for my taste so I’m fine. I simply don’t buy stuff out of a shop that is ~half the basic product price. It’s bananas to me.

To save some time.
This has already been discussed and the system is fine as it is. Read that thread for both points of view.

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The system is not fine as is and continuing to bring it up keeps the conversation alive

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Can you name a GaaS ARPG which is selling an armour set for $10?

If you bothered to read it, you’d see the system is fine. MTX was never meant so that most players buy them. Because there have already been studies that the majority of players will never buy MTX, even if you sell them for 0.1$. MTX are profitable because a small portion of players spend a lot of money on them.

And it’s a self adjusting market. If MTX were profitable by being cheaper, they wouldn’t sell enough and devs would lower the prices. But they aren’t and they don’t.

Much like it was pointed out in the thread, an iPhone could be sold for way less than 1000$. And yet Apple has teams of people to analyze these things and have come to the conclusion that, while you could sell more units if it were cheaper, it wouldn’t make as much money.

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Couldn’t tell you but any game that sales one thing for $20 and up I want pay for.

Guess my opinion is invalid then since I’m not the target demographic but there are people like me who will be happy to buy mtx items but refuse to out of principle when it feels like your being taken advantage of.

Yes, that’s fine. That’s how the model works. Like I said, if you were to lower prices to 0.1$, the majority of players still wouldn’t buy anything. Selling cheaper doesn’t mean you make more money. There’s a balance to it.
If not enough people buy MTX and they don’t make as much money, they will lower the prices.

I know it might feel unfair and that’s a totally valid way to feel. I’m not disputing that. But it’s the way economics work. As I pointed out, Apple sells everything for a lot more than production costs. And yet it’s more profitable to them that way. If it wasn’t, they would lower the price.


No, it’s still dead. People want luxury items, can’t afford them, and don’t like it. That’s too bad for them. This isn’t new and there’s nothing else to say. The conversation isn’t alive, it’s a zombie - rotting, gross, deteriorating, and bothering everyone because it smells.


We all know that principle is not why you aren’t buying the MTX, don’t front.

I just hope there will be occasional sales so those of us who can’t afford them at full price can still occasionally partake in the shiny.

That said, though, I find that some of the loot-dropped cosmetics end up looking nicer (if less shiny) than the MTX anyway :slight_smile: It seems like the paid stuff right now is mostly for warrior-looking archetypes, with not a lot for casters & rogues yet.

There probably will. That’s also a market strategy. You sell things for a higher price that most people won’t buy and then you do a sale where you change the prices from 25$ to 10$, for example. And people that would have never bought them if they were always at 10$ will buy them when they’re on sale for that price. Because it’s a bargain.

You should be a stash tab salesperson!

It’s just basic sales strategies. Just like when you go to a Mac or any fast food franchise, you’ll always have 3 menus where the middle one is almost the same price as the more expensive one. The middle one isn’t there to actually be an option but to make people feel like the most expensive one is worth more.
It’s basic psychology in the service of capitalism. I don’t have to actually like it, it’s just how it works.

You calling me poor? Not going to brag and boast online but I’m doing fine. Your a jerk

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You are perfectly fine to not buy anything. You are not forced to.

Game does not lock you out of any content, QoL things like stashes and auction house are not locked behind any paywall ( unlike in PoE ). If you decide to not buy any cosmetics that’s a perfectly fine position to have, but it’s very subjective and varies from person to person.

From my perspective there’s just not that many things to buy at the moment, the only thing i like is that warlock-looking armor set, but i’m not into caster characters so it don’t wanna buy it, and the rest of the cosmetics look ugly to me.

I sympathize with your position because i have similar stance on cosmetics in PoE. They have armor sets which cost 60-80 bux and some of them even look worse than cheaper versions lol, so i’m rarely buying stuff there unless its some cool supporter pack with bunch of cool additional stuff or some items are on sale.

At the end of the day it’s subjective, to each their own. If that monetization system sustains them to produce league content every 3-4 months like in PoE, i do not see a problem with that. Again, there’s not that much cosmetics to buy atm and they shouldn’t really focus on that, because fixing bugs and new content should be more of a priority right now.

I know I don’t have to buy but I want to just not a current prices. Well full armor set prices everything else is fine.