Controller input mappings lead to multiple abilities activated with the same button

I was trying to set up my own input configuration for my controller, but would end up with multiple abilities being activated by one button. I tried resetting my controls back to default, which alone is fine. However, I then tried mapping ability 3 from RT to Y. While this did make Y cast ability 3, RB would still also cast it. Then if I mapped ability 4 to RB, the RB button would cast both abilities 3 and 4.

Additionally in the input configuration screen I see no names on the Controller Buttons. For the hotbar at the bottom of the screen, it says both abilities 3 and 4 are activated with RB.

This happens on the Steam client both inside and outside of Big Picture Mode.

In the short term, is there a config file I could externally edit?

I can’t seem to replicate this on our end, replacing an input should be removing that input from it’s former slot.

I am experiencing this exact issue. I have tried validating local files on Steam which didn’t seem to help.

@HybridLyte sent you a PM with a video link to see what is happening on my end.

Ah I see the issue here, appreciate the follow up! We’ll get this tracked.

It seems like this issue occurs when attempting to change the inputs for a controller using Mouse and Keyboard. It should work properly if you open the “Change Input Keys” menu with Controller. If that has issues as well, do feel free to follow up.

I was able to reconfigure my controls with this method. However, a major difficulty was that the controller’s cursor was appearing behind all UI elements. I was able to work around this by starting the cursor at the bottom of the screen directly below the desired UI element then moving it up slowly while pressing A. Luckily for “clicks” it was able to treat the cursor as on top, it was just the rendering.

Additionally when I was setting an ability to the B button, the game said B was already bound to something, but I could not find it when scrolling through the button mappings. Would it be possible to say what the button is already bound to in this situation?

Thank you for your help though!!

I had the same issue with the cursor not being visible and having to blind bind using the controller.

This is a known issue and we should have a fix out for this relatively soon.

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