Controller bugs and feedback

Rebinding ‘move’ makes this not function until keys are reset to their default, also should be renamed to ‘interact’ since it isn’t for moving

Target highlighting is pretty low-vis, i suggest making it an overhead arrow of some kind so that it doesn’t blend in with enemies that are being hit rapidly

The select wheel should be for UI panels only, since this is relatively remote from combat buttons

It would be great to have some context-change when opening UI panels etc so you can B your way out of them since that is what people are used to. Things like opening the inventory changing your Y to sort, opening the stash changing the face buttons to dump inventory into the current tab based on rarity, LB/RB to change tabs, this sort of stuff

Looting dropped items has no hook at all

Would also prefer traditional dpad menuing for things like inventory/stash management rather than touchpad cursor. maybe this could be a toggle?

Otherwise it’s pretty good so far. Looking forward to future improvements here

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