Can't interact/pick up with controller

Similar to this post, which got no response. Any change to the default ‘move’ key in settings causes controllers to stop working for interacting or picking up items. Any chance this will eventually get fixed?

If devs responded to every bug reported in the forums, they’d be wasting time that should be spent fixing the bugs.

The point in linking the thread was that there are others like it reporting the bug, and it’s not been acknowledged in the forum/dev notes as a bug or addressed in patch notes despite being several months old. Since it’s fairly impactful for controller usage, it seems worthwhile to make the point, and isn’t intended as an attack on the developers or a clamour for apology.

Not sure why you would take umbrage with that and bother replying to a bug report that’s fairly polite.

It’s standard practice for game devs to not respond to posts in bug report fora unless they need more feedback to identify the source. That was the only point I was trying to make. I never said anything about your linking the thread, but the fact that you felt the need to point out that it got no response and seemed to expect a dev response to this one is pretty ridiculous.

Devs look at every bug reported in bug report fora. What exactly do you want them to say? The answer will either be “we have higher priorities right now” or “we’re looking into it and don’t have a solution yet.” In either case, you’re better off with them working on it (or working on other bugs, so they can get to this one) than with them taking the time to respond to every single bug report thread to acknowledge its existence.

I posted this to let the devs know there’s a recurrent bug that’s fairly impactful, and is specifically related to controller support, which is something they’ve discussed as a current focus. I’ve re-read the comment and don’t see it as snarky or demanding.

If the inclusion of four words indicating that the bug hasn’t been acknowledged has irked you, consider me duly chastened and please ignore this thread. I see no further reason to pursue a conversation between the two of us.

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