Constat FPS drops

System: Intel® Core™ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3408 MHz
GraCa: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

Somewhen yesterday I started to get constant FPS drops.
It doesn’t matter:

  • what character I play
  • which skill I use
  • what map I am currently on
  • how I change my graphic settings
    (even on the lowest options possible the FPS drops occur at the same rate and on the same intensity)

It’s very troublesome and makes it impossible to dodge enemy abilites, sometimes I even run on the spot without moving forward, like a treadmill.
I have tried every preset graphic settings, I changed stuff myself, I disabled as much as I can in the advanced settings as well. No changes to the fps drops.
I don’t know if it is necessary to mention, but my internet connect is fine (yes, I am surprised too hahaha).

Are there any possible fixes I can still try out? Maybe a specific combination of settings.
Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if you need any more informations.


Hi Schnarchnase, sorry to hear you’re having some fps issues. We have oddly variable performance from different systems. We get reports of people with 5 year old systems working well and brand new powerful systems having fps issues like yours. We are working to track down these issues.

We are aware that some software really doesn’t play well with the game if they are running at the same time. We don’t have a solid master list of things that conflict but we have had reports from several users about VPN software causing problems. If you are interested in doing a little troubleshooting, I would recommend turning off as much software you can and see if it helps. It’s probably not a resource issue but rather a specific piece that is having some issues.

I would also recommend double checking graphics drivers but that’s just a ultra generic thing that you probably have already done.

So I just started today and this is something that I’ve noted right off the bat as well. My processor is older it is a 5820 but my graphics card is newer RTX2080 with 16GB RAM. It’s not a constant thing, but I’ve noticed that frames go from 60 to 35 as I walk around to new areas or initiate combat. I’m putting together a video to post and I can link it here if that’ll help. (I won’t make it open to the general YouTube public.)

Yup, that will help. We need all the data we can get right now.

It’s really strange, I have a decent system, nowhere near as good as some of the ones that get posted, and I have a solid 50+ fps in the editor on very high settings and the editor adds a bunch of overhead. Not to mention the other dozen heavy programs running in the background.

DxDiag.txt (82.6 KB)

I am uploading a video right now. I’ve attached my DxDiag

Here’s the video:

more incoming

The FPS issues seen in Horseman’s videos is exactly the kind of problem I am having as well.

I tried turning as much programs off as I can - but nothing changes really.
It’s a little weird to say, but when I was playing yesterday, I wasn’t having any issues for a few hours and out of nowhere it started again for a couple of minutes and then it stopped again for about 30minutes (that’s been where I logged out for the day).

Makes me wonder if there is some sort lag issue on the back end. Processing or some sort of bottleneck? WIth me it seems to be worse when I use my own abilities.

Hi Guys,

I don’t know if my machine is even considered as ‘decent’ system but so far I have played most of the games with this setup without any issues on Medium/High settings with a bit of reduction to the shadows and particle effects.

My video card is GeForce 760TI
And my processors is i7 3770
The game is running on my SSD

I am also, having FPS drops, I have tested almost every variation of Graphic settings, and usually I am having hard time with the ‘Necrotic Eyes’ (eye tentacles) channelling spell and especially when they connect to me or my pets. and other heavy visual spells. Otherwise the game is running pretty seemingless and I have no other FPS drops.

I would really appreciated if someone with not so decent machine as me post his settings and give a bit of advice what to change to improve the performance.

PS. The game is really nice, keep up the good work I believe in time more optimisations would come.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I ve had the same problems.
My PC is petty new, i7, RTX 2070, Game and System on a .m2

Yesterday i couldnt play anymore, FPS less than 10 with my Necro Summoner with ~30 Minions even in Town only 30 fps.
Settings “very low” doesnt change the fact that it wasnt playable.

I ve upgraded the game since Alpha so today i reinstall it and now it run smooth again with lowest 35 FPS in Arena, average is about 60, in Town or just running around 100+ with “Ultra” and Shadows “Medium”.

Only sometimes there are inexplicable Lags, maybe because i m in EU far away from Servers?》high Ping?

BTW, can i display the ping somewhere?

However, maybe reinstall is a solution.

BTW, can i display the ping somewhere?

I only know about F11 for showing FPS (pressing F11 again will change the color of the FPS display)

I’ve also read in a post from alpha, that there are no servers. So you can’t have lags based on “bad ping”. Don’t know if it is still true or if I misunderstood something.


:joy::joy::joy: ok… no bad ping, thats fine.

I know about F11.

BTW, dont forget to export your Registry files in case of reinstall because the chars are saved there…

Similar to @horseman issues for me, only way worse in arena. The campaign FPS dips are identical. Then again… The Forsaken Trail --> The Ruins of Welryn --> The Shattered Valley --> The Courtyard (Forest/Ruin Outdoor areas) cause the same fps drops for me now, as the monoliths maps. Didn’t my first play through at launch of beta. Once I’ve arrived at The Temple of Eterra, 95% of the FPS issues have disappeared.

GTX 1070
16GB Ram

On top of that, monolith maps such as “Lagonian Port”, “Ruined Shrine”, or any forest map, (sometimes the desert), have HUGE Fps drops randomly, if you venture around a lot. Lagonian Port is just naturally low FPS anywhere, anytime. The cave maps, volcano map, etc. are fine. Occasional FPS dips, but tolerable.
I’ve put 150 hours into the game, but it was quite the headache thus far, only due to the performance issues. I want to continue playing, but I’m getting migraines, lol


Having the same issue.

intel i5 6600
geforce gtx960

especially bad if i fight mobs which are shooting several projectiles or ground effects. i tried like 20 different graphic settings, inlcuding everything as low as possible. without nay impact.

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