Constant microstuttering when moving around

Hi all,

I bought the game a few weeks ago but only got to trying it properly today, i’m well aware its beta but to my dissapointment the game has constant microstutter when moving around with my character. I’ve tested all settings very low to very high, full to windowed, lower resolutions but i don’t seem to get it to stop. I’ve seen youtube video’s and those people had no issues, My machine is moire then powerfull enough, I5-8600k @5ghz GTX1080ti 16gig 3200mhz ram game on a m.2 SSD and the game runs at 140+fps on 1080p since it doesn’t seem to work with Nvidia DSR yet to run it on higher resolution. Anyone experienced the same issue? or has a workaround? because this is really holding me back from properly testing the game. thanks in advance

Edit: Replacing log file with a link to it. -Sarno

Kingcholera_log_file.txt (10.1 KB)

Could you please upload your .ini file as an attachment to a forum post?

I tried but the forum said i couldn’t upload files as a new player…

Anyone? :smiley:

Ah, sorry about that.

Can you please link us to the file on another site, then? We do need to see it.

output_log.txt (10.0 KB)

Alright, seems i’m able to upload it now :slight_smile:le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.5 KB)

aany feedback? :smiley:

I have the same problem :confused:

any feedback would be welcome :slight_smile:

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