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Constant game crashes after 2-3 mins of gameplay

I experience constant game crashes shortly after I begin playing and enter a mono. Today I was just trying to tweak graphics options and game crashed while in main menu.
The problem is always the same. Game freezes but I can hear the character in the back performing moves and after 10-15secs game crashes completely.
I reinstalled Nvidia latest drivers with clean installation but the problem insists. Nothing changed in my system - I would say crashes appeared out of the blue but they are always of the same nature (described above). I tried setting graphics to medium but nothing changed.

DxDiag.txt (93.7 KB)
error.log (77.4 KB)
Player.log (1.1 M
le_graphicsmanager.ini (475 Bytes)

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Crashes like those you describe are usually one of three things - game corruption, gpu driver issues or in-game settings that are too high for the current unoptimised/beta state of LE on your specific system.

  • The first thing you MUST do is verify the game files through Steam. I find that sometimes you have to run this more than once - especially if the previous verification found something to fix.

  • Graphics drivers - it looks like you are running 471.11 which is fine… Just remember that sometimes running the latest and greatest driver is not always the most stable… especially on older hardware… I for example am still running a Feb 21 driver release and the game is fine… One thing - dont use 466.77 - that is known to cause problems with LE.

  • The error log file reports crashes with d3d11.dll which is part of the DirectX implementation and this usually points to driver issues. You said you reinstalled with a “clean installation” - does this mean you did the safe mode uninstall and reinstall or used soemthing like DDU? Just reinstalling drivers in windows does not guarantee that the driver properly removed problem files or replaced in-use files properly.

  • The error log also refers to the DirectX input dll - which handles Microsoft Controller input - If you are using a xbox controller etc, you may want to temporarily un-plug it (with a reboot) to make sure that is not causing additional problems.

  • A simple test for the in-game settings as a cause of the problems is to set your game to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited (critical that this NOT be set to unlimited) and ALL in-game settings on very low or disabled or the lowest possible option. If the crashing stops/reduces at these settings then you have to be conservative with your settings in favour of stability… Key things are using the framerate limiting to control your GPU usage - you dont want your GPU maxing out all the time as this makes the game unstable. (You do not currently have framerate limiting enabled in your config). I tend to aim for 60-70% GPU usage while in town - this gives some headroom while playing so that the GPU can handle anything LE throws at this… The other issue is relsolution - you are running at 1440p so every in-game setting is compounded - Medium quality is pretty stable at 1080p, but at 1440p it probably will not be. You need to work from the base config and monitor your GPU while changing settings to find whatever fps, resolution and settings suit your setup.

  • Important note - the game is unoptimised so this is less about what your hardware should be capable of and more about what is suitable for your hardware with the game in its current state.

Final note: There are some serious errors in the diagnostic section of your dxdiag file (at the end). You are having lots of LiveKernelEvent 141s that you really need to find out what is causing them and resolve them. You should look up the errors in Event Viewer and deal with them irrespective of LE. Mostly these refer to driver issues but it could be a wide variety of causes - the key is to know why they are happening.

Hey there,
first of all I really appreciate your reply. I have looked at several threads and you always provide detailed and informative responses without being obliged to (you don’t work for EHG I think?) Anyway cheers! I’ll answer to your points in order:

  • Corrupted files. Not the case, I’ve run Steam check several times.

  • Nvidia Drivers. Latest and greatest are not the problem; they work fine (see 5th point)

  • Proper clean reinstallation. Indeed I used the Nvidia’s “Clean Installation” option in the past. I now did the DDU from safe mode reinstallation. This may have fixed some issues.

  • DirectX input dll. Indeed I used a controlled 10 days ago. It’s kinda weird to see such error since it’s unplugged since. I don’t think this causes any problems

  • In-game settings. Here lies the solution to the problem. I enabled GPU/CPU monitoring and tried to have max 70% usage with my selected settings. After achieving this threshold I ran 2-3 monos and everything seems smooth so far. One thing I don’t understand is your comment about 1440p. I have a 1440p 144Hz monitor so isn’t the native resolution the best one? I tried 1080p and it doesn’t appear smooth. I’m using a mix of Medium/High settings @1440p right now with a cap of 75fps. I will use this as a baseline. My guess is that over-utilization and overheating caused the crashes in the first place.

  • LiveKernelEvent 141s. I think those might be from overheating but I don’t know how to verify it. Do you know any ways of monitoring such errors? I tried the WindowsEventLogger but I didn’t find any 141s. Only 281s.

I will edit or reply here if your solution has fixed the problem. So far seems cool. Thanks a lot


Np… (yes, I dont work for EHG, I just find responding in the technical support section a nice distraction from my RL as I used to do PC support as my first job many years ago)

Drivers… ok… so long as you are confident that it should be properly installed that should be enough for now.

Your comment about 1440p - this is simply a factor of the GPU having to fill more pixels - i.e. it works harder to display the game at 1440p with the same quality settings / framerates as it would for 1080p… Nothing more complicated than that… and anything that can keep your GPU not maxed out (usage/thermals etc) is usually a good thing - especially in LE at the moment… Not appearing smooth could simply be a side effect of your monitors downscaling (usually sticking to a monitors default res gets the best visual results - if your GPU can handle it) - there might be a setting that makes it look better but if you can get it working at 1440p then thats fine. Medium/High with a 75fps cap is perfect imho for your hardware with the game as it is right now… Its not like LE is a first person shooter where ever frame counts and for me stability is more important…

Instability on overutlisation or overheating your GPU could very well explain the livekernelevents… If thats the case, just changing your settings as you have should already make a difference - unless you have a bum fan on your GPU or your case is getting too hot. But thats easy to monitor with the various tools like HW Monitor etc…

LiveKernelEvents… the dxdiag shows the 141s in the P1 problem fields… Might not be displayed in the same way in the Event Viewer… I dont know if there is anything that can specifically monitor for this… You should however be able to see these in a easier way by using the Windows Reliability monitor app - just seach for View Reliability and it should open… they should be there…