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Constant crashing

This started today. At first it was when I was leaving an Echo through a portal. Then, it is when I go to the Monolith area and just travel around. Now it is on startup randomly and just anything else. I never crashed before today. I am crashing nonstop.

I even updated my video card drivers and Windows, yet the crashing has persisted.


Sorry you are suddenly having hassles…

Pretty difficult to help without more information… Please post your game logs, system information & in-game settings. Also… check if there is a crash folder with an error.log - this can help pinpoint the problem.

In the meanwhile…

  • If you are using Steam… make sure to verify the game files - crashes can cause corruptions so its VERY important to make sure your game is installed correctly.

  • Updating Windows & Graphics card drivers are usually a good thing (especially if they are more than a few months old) but unless something changed on your system between when the game was Ok till now then logically that probably wouldnt have made any difference because the game has not had a recent update (i.e. in the last week).

  • Did anything change on your system between LE OK and LE NOT OK? doesnt matter how small… e.g. did you update Windows in any way? (like an out-of-band windows patch?) Did you install something new or update any other application?

If you post more info I might be able to suggest more…

Sorry, I have been working a lot:

This does not have the output__log.txt as I could not locate that file anywhere but it has the others. I have stopped crashing nonstop with only one crash last night.

Hey… No problem… gotta put food on the table somehow…

From the files you provided:

  1. OS Patching & Drivers look fine. Cannot obviously tell if the GPU drivers are ok or not (i.e. not corrupted etc), but I’d bet they are.

  2. You are running the game at a high resolutions (4k) on Medium settings with no framerate limiting. Normally, I’d say this is probably fine with your hardware, but unfortunately not with LE in its current beta and unoptimised state… It is very likely that these settings are the cause of the odd instability you are having… The first thing I would suggest is to immediately enable a framerate limit (not vsync as this seems to have other problems). By enabling framerate limiting you are preventing LE from running away with the GPU for no apparent reason and this can make the game unstable and do bizarre things. You have two options for framerate limit - either set it to around whatever your monitor is capable of displaying at 4k (dxdiag seems to indicate 30hz?) OR monitor your GPU usage and use the framerate limit to keep your GPU average between 60-70% usage while standing in town doing nothing. Imho, its important to keep the gpu at that level to allow for processing headroom during busy moments in play and to ensure that the GPU doesnt stay maxed out at 100% usage and then potentially cause thermal issues and other instability. Realistically tho, I would recommend you drop down the resolution and enjoy the game at something like 1440p with better stability and framerates. While 4k does offer a little advantage of seeing the mobs coming, its not like a its really neccessary… :wink:

  3. One way to 100% confirm that you are having in-game settings related performance instability is to set your system to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited, with ALL in-game settings on very low or disabled… Play for a while and see if there is a noticable difference in stability… If there is, then point 2 is what is causing the issue and you need to be conservative with your settings… until of course, EHG can dedicate resources/time to dealing with the game optimisation.

  4. The player.log doesnt seem to be showing anything obvious beyond the normal errors that I see in others… So no help there from a non-unity developer or someone who doesnt work at EHG. :wink:

  5. The diagnostic section of your dxdiag has the Last Epoch crashes on the gameassembly.dll - these are usually the kinds of errors you get with performance based crashes which point 2 should help with…

  6. The diagnostic section does have a Bluescreen that you may want to check in the Reliability Viewer (or Event Viewer) to make sure its not a sign of something more serious… Unfortuantely bluescreen messages in dxdiag files have very little info for me to guess at the problem.

  7. There also seems to be some sort of an issue with your Corsair software - depending on what kinds of configurations its responsible for, I’d check and makes sure that is fixed/updated etc… or at the very least not affecting your system stability.

  8. oh, and make sure to verify the game files like I mentioned in an earlier reply - very important.