Constant crashes

Player.log (15.2 KB) Player-prev.log (14.9 KB)

Does it happen at any particular point in the game?

shortly after starting with any character you create at the beginning, the game closes automatically

Same happens to me. I cannot reach 5 minutes that game crashes in first area

This is also happening to me. Crashes to desktop shortly after entering on a character. Typically it happens when some UI is on the screen, then that UI freezes and the game doesn’t update what is happening on the screen. I can hear my character walking etc, for about three seconds then crash.Player.log (279.5 KB)

This just started happening to me after I installed the new Nvidia driverPlayer.log (48.9 KB)

Driver version is 452.06 and the issue started happening right after install of new driver and here is the crash that happened before the crash i postedPlayer-prev.log (58.9 KB)

I also want to state I tried rolling back my driver and that did not change anything, I also tried validating the games files which also changed nothing. Still crashing after about 5 minutes of being in game, even when just standing and not moving or doing anything.

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