Constant crash

Hello, i got constant crash, with last version before 9.1 and with 9.1. I can enter ingame but after a short moment it just crash, it seems not related to a action i do as i was just taking a look alone (online) on new unique design on 9.1 and before i was playing a new character with a friend.
I’ve check files, all ok, drivers up to date. Before last patch before 9.1, kinda never crash.
In 9.1:
Player.log (790.4 KB)
Before 9.1
Player.log (115.9 KB)
Player.log (155.1 KB)
Others files
le_graphicsmanager.ini (479 Bytes)
Player-prev.log (32.1 KB)

Player.log (93.3 KB)
Player.log (809.7 KB)

Again 3 crash in a row with 9.1b, attached last one

I was having the same issue, hard crashing every 20-30 minutes, forcing me to reset the PC.
If you’re running an Ryzen AM4 chipset, there are new drivers out released May 23rd. Since installing this update, I have yet to have a crash. (I run a Ryzen 7 5800x). I should also note LE is the only game I have had this issue on.

I hope this helps you, or anyone else having this issue.