Connection lost when changing areas, some times when logging in

I have problems with connection lost when changing areas.

I have tryed 2 different cabels and with the same problem.
my computer also has an wifi adapter and im able to play flawless (but slow speed) with that.

i have and other computer in the house that runs this game flawlessly with both cables.

DxDiag.txt (129.1 KB)
Player.log (163.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (409.9 KB)

Here are all the loggs.
I got an email from you guys and i have tryed all those quick fixes, but nothing helpt.

Here are 2 new files, made 3 tries to play today but cant change zone.
Player.log (464.0 KB)
Player-prev.log (63.7 KB)

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Yeah same issues here, stable internet connection, hardly no lag, but still DC when I try to go into a new area. I’ve even swapped out my hardware firewalls and still didn’t’ fix the issue, it isn’t AT&T Fiber either, contacted them.

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Same here, im playing offline and all ok, but online i cant enter in the first city. Hope some help too ^^.

I guess that in my case its hardware based, my friend and i are playing in the same house on different computers, he’s computer rarly gets connection lost but i get it every zone.
tryed his internet cable and same thing.

I have recently bought its computer so its 2 month old and all uppgrades are done.

i have now playd non stop for about 1 hour on wifi without connection lost.
Dropping loggs here.

Player.log (5.8 MB)
Player.log (464.0 KB)

Purchased the game yesterday and EVERY time I try to enter Keepers Camp the game crashes with a “You lost connection to the game server” message. It also crashes to desktop once and awhile when selecting Play Online after trying to connect for awhile and then flashes a Unity 2019.4.40f1_ffc62b691db5 message on screen before closing. I haven’t been able to do anything for hours in the game except constantly play through to the entrance of Keepers Camp where the game then crashes. My system is using a network cable, but I tried a USB WiFi adapter and still have the same issues. I even installed the game on a second pc and have the exact same issues on that system as well. I’ve seen postings about this issue back to May of 2023, but no fix. What is causing this? The game is not playable, can not get past the first area.
EnterKeepersCrash-Player.log (132.4 KB)
PlayOnlineCrash-Player.log (90.1 KB)


Hey, I had the same problem for a while. For some reason using a VPN fixed my Lost connection problems. Lazy devs or something in the code does this. Anyway, finally 3,5 hours straight without “lost connection” simulator

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I have this issues too. When I try to get in a new area I ve got a connection lost. After relogging, trying to load in same area, I lose the connection again.
Next day the area works and an other is kicking me out of the game by a connection lost.
It is unplayable and I want a statement from the producer. Are you trying to fix this problem finally? This problem doesn’t exist since yesterday.
We need support, so please wake up.

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same issues and bad past 2 days. Game is pretty much unplayable online after 1 month for me and a few friends.

I can understand this issue existed on release. But it’s been months now! Please fix this!