Connecting to Online Characters bugged

Today i logged out of a character to switch to another, and now my Online Characters are bugged. I can login into the game without problems but if i want to start the game with one of my online Characters i get a very long “Connecting” message and then it cancels and im back to choose a character. Game File verify already done, offline Characters all working, connecting to a different server (VPN) does not fix it.


EDIT : My character finally logged in, after around 10 tries.
Same problem here, impossible to login with any online character.

Same here stuck on character selection in Online play

Same here

Same here. Located in US west, if that makes a difference.

Could you post your Player.Log file from a session where this occurred?

I have also been having this issue except it is only on one character (Asmo). On the other character I log in just fine. The only difference I can think off is on the character with the issue I logged out outside a hub.

Player.log (46.2 KB)
Player-prev.log (166.1 KB)

It looks like restarting steam may have helped.

Player.log (85.3 KB)

Here’s a player log. This time was slightly different. Booted game, clicked “Play Online”. Selected character, hit Enter world. This time, it got past connecting, but instantly went to disconnected. Let me know if I can be of more help, will gladly share more info. And sorry for the delay in responding.

Exact same boat, can not get past enter game from character select. It did work once last night however

This has been happening to me and my friends as well. It seems to occur most often after one of us gets stuck on the zone transition.

When moving from zone to zone, sometimes you don’t get a load screen and are stuck in the prior zone. After this happens, we can’t log back in to the same character right away.

Sometimes though, this happens all on it’s own. Yesterday evening I sat down to play and was unable to log in to ANY of my characters. All of them would get to the ‘connecting’ screen and the message would stay there for a minute or two then disappear and we’d still be on the loading screen.

Player_foreverConnectingFromCharacterScreen.log (48.4 KB)

Attached another for you. This is the original behavior of the timeout. Happens when clicking “Enter World” after selecting my character. Visually, it sits with “Connecting” and eventually that disappears, to which I can try to enter the world again. But it doesn’t get past.

What region are you in? Have you had any success getting in on other characters?

If you have a log from this occurring, could you post it? Also knowing what your region is along with the regions of the people you’re playing with could be helpful.

How can I check region before actually being in the game? I don’t think that displays from the menu I can make it to. I live in central California, so… until I get in to the actual game, I don’t think I can tell you. But, to answer your other question, no luck with other characters either. I can send another log of repeated attempts with different characters… here that is.

Player_repeatedAttempts.log (125.8 KB)

When I make more than one attempt, I see new info in the log. “Error fetching inventory for current player.”

Just knowing your timezone works fine enough. I’ll take a look at this log and pass the info along.

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We’re all US East. Though, in different states.

Do the logs reset? This happened yesterday but I’m sure I can recreate it today if need be.

Ah, nah, it looks like it only last a couple sessions and I’ve restarted the game many times since then due to another bug I was getting today :slight_smile: I’ll recreate in a few hours and post my log file then.

Yeah the Player.log will show your previous session while the Player-prev.log will show the session prior to that.

Hello, I’m one of the players with Ninjalogic that is having the multiplayer issue. Below are my logs, hopefully they show the information for the issue we are having.

Player-prev - Copy.log (249.2 KB)
Player - Copy.log (235.2 KB)