Connecting to Online Characters bugged

Thanks for the logs, I’ll add any info found here to where we’re tracking this internally.

I’ve found … an annoying workaround. Using a VPN to connect (Play Online), then disconnecting from the VPN before selecting a character (before Enter World). I’m connecting to another server somewhere in the US. My full steps were to connect and enter world both on the VPN, leave the game, then turn off the VPN, then Enter World again, but I believe it can be shortened.

Why not leave on the VPN, you ask? Because then I get random disconnects as early as every few minutes - probably the VPN provider’s fault, because once I’m in without the VPN, the game is super stable.

Still happening, can’t get in at all online. Character screen says connecting, then it just fails with no message.

Hi this is the same for me in the menu i press enter game and i have the connecting message so long and after it cancel and so i’m in the menu again and again please help us !