Completed quests not disappearing from quest log on HUD

EXPECTED: quests disappear

picture shows occurrence of this bug as well.

bug started while “oracle’s aid” and “hidden gems” quests were active. bug seems to have caused a lot of problems down the line ranging from the bug mentioned above up to straight level loss of the char this bug was on. deleted char out of frustration after loosing about 15-20 levels in the 60s range. this resolved the bugs.

If you encounter this issue again - or if anyone else does, and happens to stumble upon this thread - please post a log file as per our Bug Reporting Guide sticky thread.

It is unlikely we will be able to fix this bug otherwise.

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This bug just happened to me.

My log is at
Player.log (1.4 MB)


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This is a bit of a necro post… Would have been better to create your own thread and just reference this old post.

If you restart the game does this correct itself?

I would suggest running a Steam Game File verification, just to make sure that your installation is ok.