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We all know that you’re obviously having some serious issues with game stability at present, and we can certainly sympathise with your troubles. However, speaking as a prior customer services manager for a large computer manufacturer, I KNOW that the easiest way to placate the hordes is to COMMUNICATE with them. Simply waiting for a day or two until the problem is fixed and then saying TADAA! AREN’T WE GREAT! isn’t good enough - it would be infinitely preferable if you could nip on here say, once an hour, to explain WHY there’s a problem and give some estimate of a time to fix. I for one don’t really care whether it takes a week, but I’d rather have the opportunity to get on with something else in the meantime if I wasn’t going to be able to play for the rest of today. Also, leaving the systems up when they allow a login, but then crash as soon as you make an attemp to move areas is duplicitous in the extreme. Take the servers down completely, and WHEN THEY’RE WORKING, let us know. Please.

You mean like this thread? 1.0 Server Status Thread

Exactly like that one, yes - but updated FAR more regularly. When I posted my message, the last official update was at least seven hours old. Hence my post. Sorry if you think that seven hours (almost a whole working day) is an acceptable time to keep clients waiting, but back in my day it’d have got you fired.

Also, looking at that thread in detail - it doesn’t seem that the DAY a note is posted is relevant, we only get a time of day, not WHICH day (Although I think it’s almost possible to work out which posts are only two days old and which three or more). Perhaps a suggestion that the actual date be added to each update would be appropriate? Please also note that as this is t’internet, it’s not always possible to place tonal emphasis on each phrase in a message, so I’d like to make whoever’s reading this that I’m trying to provide meaningful positive suggestions here, not just having a rant. Thank you. :smiley:

There was no new update in 7h because the devs were sleeping. Sorry if you think that sleeping shouldn’t be allowed until everything is fixed.

As for when the posts were made, you can check on discord the exact same thing they posted there, but timestamped.

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