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"cold-theme" for the class

hey everyone,

i generally enjoy and dig the class-fantasy and most skills of the class.
one thing that i’m kinda dissappointed about is the lack of cold-themed abilities.
there are two (afaik) converted skills (HoA and DA) which lets you play around with the element, but those got close to no synergies, neither from the active nor the passive tree.

i was really trying around with everything that came into my mind to make it “work” for endgame, besides going to hard into gearing for it.
it feels like theres just no way to make it work well enough.

is there a reason for ElementalArrows only providing flat for fire/lightning but not cold?
i get the idea of having a class that does mostly physical and DoT but i dont really understand why theres some lightning-support (shurikens) but no cold-one.

maybe im missing out on some points and theres some core-conversion gear you could use (like Maehlin’s Hubris for ignite)?
anybody else feels like imbueing your arrows with frost should be a thing?

cheers and stay safe everyone

Cold isn’t really one of the main/intended damage types for the Rogue, it’s primarily physical/fire with Lightning being a secondary element in addition to poison/bleed (& ignites to a lesser extent) DoTs.

Rogue definitely does not have cold as a main theme.

As most other classes, there are always some outliners, which are not “fully” supported, but you can make them work with a little more effort.

But aside from the 2 skills you already mentioned Decoy also has a cold conversion.
And Dark Quiver has a buff to further boost freeze rate multiplier for HoA or DA.

So there are definitely some ways of making it work.

Yes, you miss one think.

There are unique boots who give +1 flat cold DMG on attack per dexterity in character sheet.

You can get t5 8 Dex per item, t7 theoretical 12 Dex per item.

Items possible are

-body armour
-ring (2)
-(boots), missed for uniq

So you get with t5 -> 8* 7 = 54 dextery from items

You skill tree gives also 24 dextery (not sure about the number).

So you get 78 dextery, which translate into +78 cold damage flat.

It is extra to you normal physical or elemental DMG you bow does.

While flat cold damage is nice for a cold themed char, you really can’t convert a char to “cold-theme” just with adding flat damage.

Also if you wanna be that precice T5 on body armour gives up to 12 dex and you can also get dex on other uniques.

I really don’t think that this was the main reasoning for the OP.

Since that method you suggested would work for literally every char.

There is still a mastery to be implemented that has a “dirty fighting” and “tricks” theme at least from the discription in the mastery choose quest. So far it’s not from the table to get more frost themed stuff. I would hate it personaly because I dislike it but maybe it’s an optin for the falconer.

I think what he is trying to say is…
If you can choose between fire, lightning or poison, you should be able to choose flat cold as an option as well. I have lost interest due that, that fact myself. I love mages, however, not being able to role out certain elements as an option is like… thats the basic part of ARPG’s though :frowning: However, we will see. Its still too early to tell.

You’re also forgetting the 1% increased damage taken per dex, which would make you quite squishy with that much dex.

Not really, with detonation arrow, and freeze build, you will be able to freeze to death more or less all screens.
And rain of arrow is fix chance per attack for a prooc over skilltree marksman, so it even support the freezing. (Similar to multishoot prooc chance over multishoot skill tree)

So Vs normal trash, you will be fine even with the +78% more DMG taken. You shoot arrow, it detonate, screen is death or frozen.

Vs bosses, it is all about dogdeing manuelly the boss attacks, if you can, safe, if not, death.

Yeah, that’s what I meant, while you can freeze everything you’re fine but if you don’t freeze something and don’t manage to avoid its attack you’ll take a very big hit.

It’s an interesting idea though.

I had a bit more of a think about it, it’ll likely be easier in multiplayer since you can have other players tank/heal/etc while you freeze/dps.

just don’t let any of the enemies dodge your hits :wink:

excactly, that was the point i was trying to make.

not that you can’t actually do some cold-damage as a rogue.
but that there are some skills (DA, HoA, Decoy) who dont have any significant ways of support/synergy.
and while i do see that the class-fantasy seems to be more physical/bleed/poison/ignite/fire oriented, theres chakram/DA/HoA who got decent enough synergies for a lightning-build but nothing that i can see/come up with for any frost-build.

i myself feel there should or could be more consistency in that regard. meaning, either

  • don’t let the class get any conversion for cold/frost or
  • give the damage-type some ways to actually synergize and scale, like e.g. +flat-cold onto elemental-arrows, conversion and support for CinderStrike and one Meleeskill.

have a good one and stay healthy everyone

I hope that they will introduce an ice arrow like in POE

I was thinking about tinkering with a cold Bladedancer with

Even thought about doubling up on the sword.
Combine the slowing effect from cold with a high dodge and decent health regen could make the build quite tanky.

Like the Frostfang node for Detonating Arrow?

I would like to see an ice shot as a separate skill with its own nodes for development, as it is for with a cinder strike


The Rogue does need a few more skills (3 more for the base class & 2 each for the masteries), I’m not sure that they would add a specific cold skill given that’s not an element they see the Rogue focussing around.

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There is no cold based melee attack in rouge.

The strongest cold buff you can get is “cinder strike” -> oil coating (max attack speed for highest stack possible) -> fire into elemental damage node.

I would add items to this item:

Mai hand the sceptre, off hand your set.

You have now (24 meele cold DMG (MCD) screpte plus 40 MCD sword, plus 53 m physic damage.

Your cinder strike adds 20-40 fire DMG on hit.
The mounting frost shoes add ~70 meele/spell cold DMG for +70% more damage taken)

As Summe, you have now (134 cold, 20 fire, 53 physic + skill tree) base damage.

You do not have attack speed on weapon, so you will sit at 150% attack speed, which roughly translate in 10-15 oil coating stacks, which are 250-325% elemental damage, 500-750 dogde rating.

I would also change the relic to:

The setbonus from your sword+relic is useless, and your relic is to specific, +70% melee cold DMG, +80% freeze multiplier…

My relic adds more in boss fight and heavy rare hitpoints enemy.

100% cast water orb per hit with 3 sec cool down means on bosafight, 12 waterorbs around you.
You get 3 when int = attunment , and you should be on 0 int and art as rouge.

12 orbs = 12*30% cold damage (melee and spell) = 360% damage

And 360% lightning damage.

Now check “lethal mirrage” , were you can skill 32 mpd and 20 m lightning DMG), a attack which profits from your 300% elemental damage, and 360% lightning/cold damage.
Do not forget your base melee cold damage from weapon and boots.

Last think, the cold spell damage from spectre.

You have 15% chance for casting “tundre nova”, with 150% attack speed,and normal 1 base attack per second, you will end casting the nova 1 per second.

You also cast every 3 sec water orb, 3 piercing projectile who do cold damage.

Both spell get now:
+16 cold spell damage (csd) + 14 + 50 (spectre)

  • 70 boots
    = 150 cold spell damage, that’s a base number on the same level like mage get on there spells…

This spells now profit from your rouge +% (oil coating, movement speed->gear)

You also can add now this 2 items:

+12 cold spell/melee


+30 melee cold damage

In my opion should this rouge with cinder strike as carry attack work.

You have melee basic 176 cold, 77 physical

  • Cinder strike: 20 - 40 up to 32 - 76 fire damage
  • Lethal mirage +24 physical, +20 lightning

You have 162 cold spell damage.

Your normal roation will have cinder strike + 2 spell to cast, and 1 burst attack lethal mirrage.

So you have 3 skill free, 1 movement, 1 defence, 1 utility.

In my opion blind:

Cinder strike has node, which changes blind-> critical vulnerability.

Blade dancer + marksman and cinder strike should be able to get ~175% critical vulnerability.

Which translate at 3 attacks per second 3.5 stacks.
1 stack gives 5% crit chance, and -10% crit dogde on enemy

So even without sword+dagger crit build, you should be able as spectre+sword to get high crit chance per attack.

My thought about item for melee cold rouge.

Bow rouge is different, you have with detonating arrow one cold attack, but no extra base DMG in skill, so it underwhelms at the moment to a cinder strike bow elemental build.

“Osprix bow” is here bow to pick (+90% elemental damage) +26 fire base, +30 physical base.

As quiver “farwood” +8 cold base.