Cloud save problem on two PC

I have main PC and notebook. Today I wanted to play on my notebook at work and cloud save are off, there were notice that my cloud save is not up to date. I started game and the character is lvl 81 on notebook and 84 on PC so how to fix this?

Assuming you mean Steam Cloud saves…

Personally I hate Steam Cloud - I have never had ANY game where it didnt mess up somehow - especially when syncing saves from multiple systems. Sometimes its as simple as Steam not properly syncing when shutting down. Other times its when a game didnt shutdown properly and steam didnt sync at all because it didnt know the game closed… Sometimes its even a particularly slow link to Steam Cloud servers and updates timeout. I have even had issues where Steam Cloud messed up priorities - i.e. it kept syncing from one system with older files instead of taking the newer ones. Note: I am assuming you are using the same OS on each system in your example - if you are not, then that can also cause issues with Steam Cloud not syncing properly.

Just google for how to update Steam cloud and you will see thousands of issues similar to what you describe for just as many games.

I simply dont use it anymore… I manually make copies and USB move them when I need to play on a different machine.

If you must use Steam Cloud, there are a few things you can try:

NB: BACKUP the latest saves before messing with anything.

  1. Disable and Enable the steam cloud for a game - it should ask how to sync local or cloud and that might force it to update correctly.

  2. Login to steam via a browser and check if the files are correct in the Cloud - you can also download them manually or even remove them so that a local sync has nothing to overwrite and should then update correctly.

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