Class Request- Dragon Prince

Hello y’all, I wanted to provide an idea for a class concept I find fun, and i think many would enjoy. This class is inspired by an old mmo I played called King of Kings 3 online.

The concept: a mount riding class, the mount is a large dragon (dragon prince), a large spider/iguana (spinarak) or a giant scorpion (scorpion king). The base class is known as cavalier.

**Class Mechanic **

The mount is for all purposes considered a “transformation” similar to how you transform into an animal with Druid, the difference is your sitting on said animal.

The mount is treated as a companion and it’s damage Is treated as “spell damage” and “minion. Spell boosts dragon prince, the other works for scorpion and iguana

Dragon Prince

The dragon is a medium sized and can be made to be larger same way golems are.

The dragon has 5 skills similar to how falconer works. 1 traversal and 3 hits, 1 utility skill.

Breathe attack: cone attack, (works similar to ghost flame), pick any element. Each attack can prock a small explosion.

Pounce: dragon flies to a point you click, and then drops bombs onto enemy as it moves. Think bazalgease in mhw. (I-frame)

Roar: A heal for you, can prock from any hit. Move can generate ward, and cause fear

Smoke field: Channeled: enemies take damage while standing in a it, and creates fire aura around you. Base circle is 45m

Swipe: the dragon prince slaps in a cone, generates dragon rage. Rage gives you more armour and attack speed.

Scorpion King

This build is around having a big scorpion that summons many small scorpion to swarm and attack with you.

Spawn of The king: A leap that is a traversal skill. After the movement it summons 10 scorpion per 100 mana cost, caps at 600 to summon 60 scorpion per leap.

These scorpions return mana per hit, and mana return scales with mana Regan affix

These scorpions can apply either ignite or poison, and when killed fall apart into 2 small scorpions that run at enemy and explode.

These explosions build a stack called scorpion king ambush. And are consumed by heart seeker skill

Heart seeker: deals 2x from behind enemy. Stab enemy with mounts tail detonating the stacks at 3X damage + 200 physical. 5% of damage dealt is absorbed as ward

Claw frenzy: swipe in a large cone with the mounts claws. These are used to gain frenzy, all scorpions in the range also gain it. Swipes reduce cooldown of spawn of the king.

Sandstorm; channeled. Enemies take X damage from being around you. Scorpions heal while being in it based on your %regan

Tantrum; scorpion belly flops sending a cloud of gas, and that gas causes fear.

**Iguana **

This class is a typical cavalier class. You run around like obi one with a sword and kill stuff.

Charge: can store 50 of them. Immune while charging. You dash up to 5m and then stab someone. They get shoved back.

  • this spells hit circle on the stab is scaled with area affixes and it also scales the skills cooldown time. It deals physically damage

Rally: a heal similar to current one on paladin. Up to 100% chance to prock on a charge

Pounce: the iguana leaps forward and knocks enemies down, it then it runs up and down like Tigrax in mhw, 4 times. The move sends waves from under its body that pull enemies closer to you. It has a 4 min cooldown but resets all charge cooldowns.

Banner: You hoist a flag into the air, it causes you to gain a large amount of ward. The flag can cause enemies to become blinded

Spear throw: you throw spears as you charge at enemies (main prock). Thrown spears apply bleed and grant frenzy


I like the idea fo a “transformation”, that is basically a mount, transforming some of your abilities.

I think this would be a cool opportunity to give it a little bit of uniquesness compared to Druid or Lich transformations. (Druid repalces your whole bar and Reaper Form replacing one skill)

What I would like to see is, the “transformation” (getting on a mount) will give you 2 new abilities, replacing existing slots on your action bar. This way you can combine the abilities from the mount with regular abilities that you can do unmounted.

Mybe each Mount has 3-4 different abilities, so there is already some choice there, where not everybody using the same mount, uses the same abilities.


This is an interesting idea, my only suggestion is that alot of the example skills you offered sound really similar to subclasses / skills we already have. With such a unique class as a Cavalier, why not go all-out and suggest even wilder skills, besides stuff we already have.

For example, scorpion is a pretty common build on beastmaster already … maybe a different animal besides that. Pounce, roar, swipe, smoke field, are all already in the game right now. Rally/Pounce/Banner/Spear Throw are all already in the game right now too.

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