Class Mastery Should Be Re-Doable

Simple as that. We should be allowed, at least once per character, to change our class’s
I feel that it is far too big and important of a decision to put on us at level 20/100, and then we can’t go back ever.

Even better, I personally see no reason to not let us just change our mastery at will, but I do not expect that to happen.

But again, just allow at least one re-do per character so I don’t have to just go “welp, this is extremely unfun…let me just go re-do the entire story mode to see if I like one of the other Masteries”

AKA It is not adding anything to our gameplay, so why do we not have the ability to re-do our Mastery? It feels like an arbitrary…Challenge? Feature? What even is the purpose of stopping us from re-doing our mastery, other than to just be difficult? It actually feels pretty bad and puts a damper on the fun.

It takes like 15 minutes to get there on a new character. The reason it is not a good idea to do this is because then what you will end up with is 1 META leveling mastery from 1-70/70-100, followed by then swapping a second or third time to your final build. It destroys character/class identity which is one of the more important things EHG considers while making this game.


Thanks for posting yet another new thread rather than use one of the many, many other threads about this particular topic to post the exact same thing.

It’s not arbitrary, it’s explained in one of the many other threads about this. I won’t treat you like a baby by spoon feeding you the info, you can search for it like any other adult.

That’s not why they did it.


it is arbitrary. What a way to talk with other people in your community, treat them like crap and talk down to them.
Yeah, because I feel like flipping through the forums for all the posts similar to this.
Maybe, if there are so many of them, it might be worth considering the idea.

I can’t help but think that a lot of people, if not most, would love to be able to change their Mastery.
So yeah, it still remains arbitrary. Your only argument is that you are too lazy and expect me to go scraping the forums and hoping the one I find has a well put explanation lol.

But sure, carry on being counter productive in chats, providing absolutely zero value or information. Sure it gets you real far.

I have never really seen a reason that makes sense in any game, about why you can’t just change. It adds nothing to the game, and all it does is put up an arbitrary barrier to people exploring the game.

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Just: No.

Its fine the way it is. Levelling another character is easy af imo. But instead of asking “how to” you decided to whine about it.
Winter is almost gone and so should the snowflakes.

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the fact that you think its better to have to level up a whole new character, as opposed to just clicking “Respec”…you have problems.

How to what? Level up? Your feedback seems to not have anything to do with what I am talking about.

I mean, you are the one acting like a winter snowflake by getting so enraged at a simple suggestion that, apparently, just THOUSANDS of people are practically begging to have.

Strange, you can respec all your skills on a whim.
But Mastery, aka what skills are available to you…nope. Too much. We can’t be able to have more choices, because choices are bad?

Part of the problem is that this topic comes up very often, mainly by newer players, and it’s better to search the Forum rather than creating a whole new topic on the same subject that many of us have heard over and over again. It’s always the same arguments and it’s not going to happen so some people just get a little tired of it, please don’t take offense too easily.

The devs need to know what the community thinks, and they want to, but it’s normally better to voice it and Vote on it in an existing thread.

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It has been talked about over and over again.
The way ppl think that respeccing is faster than just switching to a character that already has the build you need baffles me.

There are specific speedfarm builds, boss builds and whatnot. It takes longer to respec than to switch characters.

No it’s not, it’s a conscious design decision because the devs feel that the mastery is the second half of the class choice.

If you think that’s what that was, then you may wish to stay off the internet. I wasn’t “treating you like crap”, I was being a little snarky because there’s a bajillion threads on this subject.

And that’s why you got a small amount of snark & being talked down to. Act like an adult & I’ll treat you like one.

I’m sure they would. They’d also like to be able to kill the hardest boss & get the best loot without having to put much effort in, but that doesn’t make it a good idea to allow that.

Not sure you know what that word means. They have a reason for it, you just don’t like it, that doesn’t make it invalid anymore than your reason for not liking it.

No, you are too lazy. I’ve been here for long enough & read all the threads (up until 1.0 then things went nuts). I’m also capable of doing a search rather than expecting other people to do everything for me & hand me whatever information I desire on a silver platter because I can’t be forking arsed to type in 2 words into a search bar. Do you know what “entitled” means? Or do you wish me to explain it to you?

Thank you for reading the second post, the last sentence of which is basically the reason.

I’m sorry you don’t like it, but that is the reason. The devs might change it, but it’s unlikely.

You can clutch your pearls as tightly as you want & bemoan the meanness of t’internet people & how they won’t treat you with the deference you clearly deserve, but that’s going to do you as much good as my snark is going to do me, nothing other than a brief moment of catharsis.

And as for where I am on the meany/helpful scale, I’d suggest that you have a look over my post history, but given you clearly can’t be arsed to do that you definitely don’t have the mental fortitude to go through any of my posts.

Good day sir (or madam, I have no idea)!


I shouldnt have to have 3 of every class just to try them.
You see the problem? You had to level up like 15 characters, instead of just 5.
Why do I need to make another Acolyte to try Lich out, when it could be a button just like with our skills?

You are advocating for wasting hours of our time, for no reason other than “because”

yeah, after you went through the campaign and farmed out the content 14 times.
Or, I could just press a single button, even just once, that lets people have a chance to change their mind without having to spend hours, if not days, just to try something different.

yeah. that says nothing about why you can’t redo it. IT just says they want it to be meaningful.
As if people in college can’t go back and change their degree…

Its a video game. It can be just a button, even if its only a one time thing.
But instead, you would rather spend another few days grinding gear out to try another build.
You ask for insanity.

no, you were being condescending lol. And if there are so many people asking for this feature, why is it not in the game?

No, your standard is ridiculous. AGain, nobody is going to comb through the forums in the hopes that MAYBE somebody put up a response that actually answers something.
You are asking me to find the hay in the needle stack…
And then acting like I am a child for not wanting to waste my time lolol.

the reason you gave is why they want mastery, not why it can’t be redon on your character.
So still no answer?

I am literally doing a search now. Asking peers for answers is literally the point of the forums. You not pushing an answer, means you stand against the whole purpose of the forums.
If I can’t ask questions, then what is the point?

And this is my first day. I didn’t spend my life in the forums of a game that just came out…

asking a question and expecting an answer is the point of the forums, mostly.
And its not just two words, like you said. ITs two words and however many posts and then I have to read through all of them to see if somebody actually answers.

If only any search were that easy.
Stop being disingenuous

I just expect you to not come in here and waste my time by not only not answering the questoin, but by also being very intentionally rude for actually no reason at all.
And you say I am the one acting like a child…

Way to actually provide a negative value with your posts.

with how much of a complete tool and jerk that you have been here, I have no desire to see any of your other posts lol what? Did you think before you said that? I mean, judging by everything else, no.

Imagine asking a basic question, and nobody actually has an answer as to why we can’t just redo our mastery a couple times instead of having to waste hours or days leveling up again just to try something else.

You clearly like your time being wasted for no real reason other than “because”

I like how we can’t repick mastery (but I won’t go into the details on why because I am not here to convince you to support their decision), and I am sorry to hear that you don’t like it, but I doubt they will ever change that.

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It actually is, It has been stated multiple times over the past year on the Friday dev streams. Feel free to ask mike on Friday.

If you think its a waste of time then you clearly arent having fun at all.
Seems like this isnt the game for you then. XD Maybe a game where everything is handed to you on a silverplate is more your cup of tea. You will be done with everything and all and go back to real boredom. LE is a grind game where you farm - not an “I´ll just pick this up and switch subclasses around and be done with everything in a day” kind of game.
I really hope you will find the game you need to be happy. Oh wait, thats not gonna happen coz then you will whine in the forums about why that game is so ez and a waste of time. XD

And since “This topic will close 3 months after the last reply.” I´ll see myself out. GL XD


Ok, if you want to be like that, the reason you can’t do it is because the devs don’t want you to. So they’ve not coded it into the game, but since they have access to the dev environment they can just magic in whatever character/gear/mobs/etc they want & they do so frequently just to taunt you with their diabolical superiority.

No, I just ask to play a fun game trying out different builds & classes. If you don’t enjoy playing the game with 1 character/class/build, why do you think you’ll enjoy it if you could switch to a different one with a press of a button (like the devs can, MWAHAHAHAHA).

Your laziness & sense of entitlement was begging for it. Sorry.

Because the devs don’t want it to be a thing.

That’s what the search function is for. If you think that I meant that I expected you to read hundreds of posts then you’re even worse at parsing meaning from the written word than my autistic son.

No, I’m asking for you to at least try to use a search function. If you’re not successful then that’s fine, there are, as you say & I’ve read, many threads & posts about it. I don’t blame you for not having the capability to read that much.

No, you’re acting like a spoilt child for wanting to waste someone else’s time & not having the courtesy to at least try looking for it first. It’s the principle (another thing you may not be aware of, you can google what it means).

It is easy, it’s also potentially time consuming. The two are not the same.

You wanted to waste my time so why shouldn’t I waste yours? Plus, I did give you the answer, you just don’t like it & refuse to accept it, but that’s entirely a you problem.


I have a hard time believing that offering a single respec would satisfy the players wanting to change their mastery.

You make an even bigger decision at level 1. There’s only two permanent choices to make for your character in the whole game. Class and mastery. You could think about it as there being 15 different classes, and you get to experiment with low levels of a subgroup of 3 before locking into your class.

While you may not like what it adds to the gameplay, it does add to it. Choices are only meaningful if they have an impact. If you can just undo your mastery for almost free, then there is no choice. And if you can undo it at a significant cost, we’ll just be back to square one with people complaining that it’s “too constraining”, and it “does not add anything to gameplay”, etc…

I apologize if we get snarky about the request. The thing is, the hurdles to respeccing is something that does improve our experience. For us, it is meaningful, so it’s frustrating to see a lot of players just waving away what we enjoy just because it’s not something they enjoy.
Most of the players that are combattive about it, myself included, did try systems where respeccing is too easy, and I can tell you it is a HUGE negative for us.
Honestly, I wouldn’t be against a checkbox at character creation allowing players that want infinite respecs to just respec as much as they want for free, so that players like you get what they want, without removing the current system for players like myself that do find it meaningful. But I have a very hard time believing we wouldn’t get a one-size-fits-all, and thus get a huge hit in how we enjoy the game just because a very small portion of the player base can’t be bothered to commit to a mastery.

Please do understand that the commitment to a mastery, and the hurdles in changing the character’s skills are what makes the character we play ours, rather than an amorphous generic character that is just a few clicks away from being something entirely different.

Let’s be very honest there. If you get that button for a one time thing, you’ll be complaining a few days later that you need it to work twice so that you can at least try each mastery out. And then one more time, so you can switch to your favorite mastery. And that guy has already wasted all his respecs, so why does it have to be limited, after all that’s a pretty arbitrary limitation?
What you want is a D3-like system, where you can just switch builds at will (except during a run, of course, but still), and that’s precisely the kind of system we absolutely never want to have.

There are no hurdles because you can’t do that. You can’t respec. That’s what I want…
And apparently you do too, with that line.

ITs only meaningful because you want it to be. it’s literally in your head.
Throw in a button, and don’t push it. You can keep playing the way you were, making a whole new character every other day…and leave everybody else to push a button and try something new.

There is nothing wrong with having more options. Nobody will make you push the mean respec button, I swear it buddy.

I put more meaning into not having my time wasted by arbitrary nonsense like pretending to have meaning in my time being wasted…

You just want your time wasted, so you are okay with having to make a new character just to try something different with the same class.

But wait, you already suggested that,

Then don’t play like them.
If you think a small group of players doing something a certain way just because they can…somehow means your experience is going to get ruined, you have a problem.

You lose nothing by having a respec button. You can just not press it.
And from exerience in those very same games where you can respec, you eventually fall into something that fits your playstyle and class and skills and you stop changing.
Or when you do, its rare and massive. All encompassing.
Being unable to do that, is just anti-fun.
I will say it again, it is anti-fun to make you have to to create a whole new Character, of the same class, just to try a different spec of that class.

It’s an absurd notion to expect people to waste that much of their time just to try something.
Imagine if you had to don full plate armor and duel the lady at Costco giving out free samples, in order to try a sample…then if you want to try a different thing, you have to stop being a member, go to a different store and start up a different membership, don a different set of armor, to get the other sample…only to find out they were both poop flavoured and you want something else entirely.
Now you just wasted all that time, money, gas, effort…all for nothing.
That is not fun. At all.

The game itsself is fun. I am having more fun in here than in D2 and PoE combined, and I love D2 enough that I have had it installed, first, on any pc I have and its the first game I load up. Ihave had it it installed on a pc in my home since release.
And even they have a respec option.

thats my whole point.
We already get punished for changing our skills’ masteries, so why add a harder punishment on the class mastery?
The hurdle is already there. Losing all points and progress in a skill is already enough.
I should be able to just change mastery from Necro to Warlock and see what its all about.
I am not asking for free gear, or free anything. I just want to be able to explore my class and kinda theorycraft without having to spend more time leveling up as opposed to playing the game.

Some people are like that, yes. But they are like 0.00000000001% of humanity. Don’t just make assumptions then never do anything…

But also

It is arbitrary, and that’s my point. You can just choose to stick to a mastery. You don’t have to change.
Options are always that: an option.
They can make the choice to come and complain still, despite being capitulated to.
Some people will never make up their mind.

All I know is that allowing freedom of choices, in a game? Never been a bad thing (obviously hyperbole) to have choices and freedom in a game.

You can have meaning in choosing to stick to one Mastery. If anything, you could be even more of a cu…meanie-head…and sit in here and brag about “oh yeah, well I had the willpower to stick it out, mneah!!!”
You can still get what you want with the button.
The button just also give ME a choice as well.
More people with more options always leads to a healthier community.

Add in a button to change mastery, even once per character, and so many people will be happy.
Add in a button to change mastery whenever we want, and then everybody can get what they want.
The hardcore Lovers of Timewasting can sit there and relevel all the time, and everybody else can just play the game and keep having fun.

no. I just want to change my mastery.
You still have to go level up all your skills and get new gear and all that.
You just don’t have to relevel for no damn reason.

THink about this.
Think. Options and freedom…or no options and you pretend to have meaning in your choices?
Either way, you are pretending, but at least one way we can all walk away happier…

There are dozens, if not hundreds of possible builds within the same class, even while leveling.
You can play the same base class in so many different ways. Hell even within the same mastery there are so many different possible builds, that creating the same mastery multiple times makes total sense, rather than changing your entire character.

The mastery is part of your class choice. It is only depicted in a way, people think it should be respeccable.

What you suggest is just moving the goal posts, because the next suggestion will be to be able to change your base class.

It is also very funny how you talk about “wasting time”, while literally talking about video games, which are meant to be here to “waste time”. They are entertainment. Entertainment is just another word for wasting time.


What? Sounds like you just said people think mastery should be recpeccable…
Which is what I have been saying. I need some clarification there lol.

yeah, and if you read I already covered that. No duh, we literally all know. There is actually no reason to even say things like that at this point.
The POINT, is additional and unnecessary wasting of time within that.

I don’t know where you get that from

If you would pick your mastery at the character selection there would be a lot less people asking to be able to respec mastery. It is just how the game gives you some introduction before selecting makes people think that the mastery is only a advanced subclass of your character.

But the mastery is your class. Your Sentinel is no longer a Sentinel,…it’s a Void Knight.

I feel like you could have tested at least 3 different classes past level 20 if you haven’t been wasting time here on forums trying to bad mouth on such an unharmful, fun, aspect of the game. Its ALL about making new characters trying to find out new stuff for THAT character.

I don’t know if you ever played any tabletop RPGs, but respeccing to a whole another class is definitely not something any DM will easily allow any player to do.
Class identity, something lots of ARPGs fail do deliver, but apparently you’re not very fond of it. We have it here, and we love it. If you don’t, at least please stop being offensive to the Devs, saying they’re wasting your time, and to others in the community trying to even bare with people behaving like yourself in this thread.

Simple as that.