Characters Transfer from OSX To Windows?

Hello, I am really happy the game is available on OSX however I was running into FPS problems. Since installing windows via bootcamp I am happy to report the game runs great on my 5700XT.

However I am missing my characters, shards, and stash! Would someone please be kind enough to let me know how to transfer them? (I found several posts that were outdated in regards to this or didn’t mention OSX save file location). Thanks !

Hey there,

The easiest and most reliable way of doing so would likely be to let Steam Cloud handle this for you. Have you been playing Last Epoch through Steam or using the standalone client?

I have been using steam, but I was pretty sure cloud saves were already setup. Let me reboot into OSX and make sure its turned on?

Well, when I tried to open the game it said my cloud synchs were different so I clicked upload the older versions, but my OSX is giving me the dread error that I can’t play the game.

(Most of the time I got this to work in OSX I had to double click the specific app vs launching it through steam). Trying to troubleshoot…

I would appreciate instructions on the manual method; thank you.

I’ve never tried copying save data from one Operating System to another, so I can’t guarantee that it will work. Nevertheless, here’s the relevant location for both macOS and Windows.

Saves folder in ~/Library/Application Support/com.EleventhHourGames.LastEpoch/

Saves folder in C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

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Thank you for the help, I am currently moving my OSX install from external HDD to internal in hopes it will restore OSX Steam functionality and update the cloud. If not I will try transferring the save data from OSX to windows and will update this post with my results.

Thanks again.

Have you tried having Steam verify the game’s file integrity? While it sounds like the client is working just fine, it could be that there’s something small that’s upsetting Steam.

It would be helpful to know which exact error message you’re getting when you try.

Yes, it was a generic steam error message. The follow up was to check file integrity, repair library folder permissions, and a long list of other things I tried.

There definitely seems to be an issue with the game being installed in OSX on an external drive. Also the load time for the game in OSX seems insane. Regardless; it finally loaded in OSX and my characters are there. Now when I boot the game into windows how do I make sure it won’t upload the cloud save from my windows version? Can I manually delete it somehow?

If you don’t run the game through Steam I would not expect Steam Cloud to upload anything.

If you do run the game through Steam and also have conflicting data on another computer, when you run the game on that other computer you should be prompted with a notification alerting you to an inconsistency having been detected and have the choice of which save data to work with. In that case, you’d want to choose to download Steam Cloud’s data.

It was loaded through steam, unfortunately the cloud data didn’t translate from OSX to windows. :frowning:

Let’s determine whether the issue is with the upload or the download.

On your Mac, please go to your Steam Library page and do the following;

  • Right-click / double-click on Last Epoch
  • Switch to the Updates tab
  • Ensure that Steam Cloud is enabled
  • See how much data Steam claims is stored (if any)

If you haven’t done so, you may wish to create a copy of the Saves folder on your Mac, and call it SavesBackup (or anything else meaningful to you). It never hurts to have a Plan B. :slight_smile:

The Mac cloud upload is definitely bigger. 76kb vs 16 on windows or something close to that. Going to try and clear the windows version with a post I found online and see if it downloads it or just starts a blank file again.

Woot ! thanks for your guidance Sarno !

I was able to delete my Windows steam cloud save and it loaded my OSX cloud save without my needing to transfer the cloud save file itself.

Also of note is that by installing the game on my OSX hard drive vs external SSD the FPS did improve about 10-15 FPS, but performance in windows is still far superior. I will keep monitoring the situation as the game continues being update. I would prefer to play in OSX.

Thanks again for your quick replies & assistance.

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