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Characters are not SAVING

Hello there.

So, I’ve issue not about crashes or something like that :wink: I decided to return to the game after one year or more and sadly if I want to make new character, it’s not saved amoung others, previous ones. For example, I’m playing for an hour, two or three. Quitting the game and bang, my character that I was playing is GONE.

So. Do I have cloud system enabled? Yes, it’s enabled and working as it should. I don’t have any “missing” or not uploaded save files. Every new character is simply NOT saved at all.

Welcome to the forum…

Characters not saving is usually a sign of a corrupted savegame - the way the game currently loads saves means that if ANY of the savegames are corrupted, it causes problems with the other saves…

You mention that you returned to play after a year - it is very likely that the game was unable to convert all the saves correctly - there have been major core game mechanics, especially item changes in the last year and while its generally good at going from one patch to the next, if you skip a few, then things tend to mess up… Without more info, I would guess that this is what has happened.

You have not included your player.log (the games debug file) so I cannot say for sure, but I am willing to bet there is a line in the debug that will indicate which savegame is messed up…

A way to quickly test this theory is:

  1. Disable Steam Cloud saves - very important as Steam will just copy the corrupted files back

  2. Backup & remove all saves from the saves folder (on windows its in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch)

  3. Verify the Game Files through Steam to make sure your game is updated correctly - Very Important

  4. Play the game creating a new char, play for 10 minutes or so, then exit the game and restart it… If the char is still there, then you definitely have one or more messed up savegames in your original batch.

The solution is to find the messed up one and remove it - either by trial and error adding them back one at a time or reading through the player.log and looking for any mention of “1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA###” files having hassles… If there is no mention in the player.log, then you have to use trial and error.

VERY IMPORTANT: Steam Cloud MUST be OFF when you do all of this… and when you resolve the issue, you MUST be very careful to ensure that Steam Cloud resyncs back to your LOCAL files - if you dont do this, then Steam will just keep copying the corrupted saves it has in the cloud to your local machine and messing things up each time you enable it again. It is also very important that you make sure that if you are using multiple systems through Steam that it has not sync’d the LE savegames to another machine - potentially copying the wrong files from there…

So, I just decided to delete old save game files, as I don’t remember how to play these characters anymore :smiley: But I thought it may be a bug in the game, and was not linked with old chars. So, fixed!

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