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Character Selection Screen - Characters are blank


I have been playing Last Epoch for the last week or so. First, let me say, what an amazing and promising game. I love it!

One of my systems is running Pop!_OS 21.04 (Linux) and is running the game through the downloadable client from the website. Everything runs smoothly - with the exception of the Character Selection Screen, where every character is transparent and blends in with the background. I’ve seen similar issues on this on the forums but unfortunately haven’t found a resolution for myself. I’ve tried tweaking in-game settings, reinstalling, running through Steam.

This issue doesn’t persist on the Proton-loaded version through Steam, but I have extreme performance issues with that route compared to the native client.

I know Linux users are definitely in the minority here, but I was hoping for any insight / advice into troubleshooting this.


Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Its a known problem that started on 0.8.4 on the Linux version that hasnt been fixed as yet… Doubt there is anything you can do on your side to fix it yet…

Thanks for the response.

Totally understandable, I’m relieved it’s not isolated to me.

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