Character progress lost

I was playing my rogue for last couple of days. I had some problems with login, like most of people did. During that I had a steam pop-up telling me something about synching the game version between steam cloud and my PC. I ignored it for a while and was using the launch method described in the discord announcement - run a game .exe file straight from the game folder. All was OK, until today, when I thought the technical stuff is fixed. I tried to launch the game from the steam, and pop-up about synching with steam cloud popped up again. I agreed to synch from the steam cloud and logged in smoothly after that.

5 seconds later I was really shocked. My 73 lvl marksman became lvl 26 rouge again.
Rarely in my life I felt such frustration about video games.
How is it even possible, are characters stored on local machine? Is there anything possible to fix this? If my week-ish progress isjust deleted, I am not sure what to do anymore, the burden is freaking me out.

EDIT: needless to say, all earnings are lost, chest tabs purchasesc organization and coloring; runes, gold, items.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

All characters are stored locally… When LE launches the multiplayer features then there will be online & offline characters - entirely separate from each other… For now, there are only local offline characters - you only login for game verification and chat - nothing else.

(C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch)

It looks like with the login issues and running the game outside the steam launcher, the cloud saves got out of sync and Steam assumed that when you next ran Last Epoch that it need to resync the cloud saves back to the local system - thereby overwriting all your progress since the last sync…

I hate Steam Cloud save for exactly this reason and I stopped using it years ago on every game.

There is unfortunately nothing that can be done. I know it will not help but I manually backup my Last Epoch savegames before I play - I do this for any early access / beta game I have as you can never be sure what may happen and I’d be more than a little pissed at losing 800h worth of play in LE if it happend to me.

Man, my heart just broke.
First of all, having offline saved characters in 2021 sounds a little surprising. Second, was there anywhere in the game any warning about this, to even inspire a caution attitude to anything like system reinstall or whatever? If there is one, at least this can save some other souls, means just myself didnt care enough.

Lastly… Well IDK what to say man, the damage is already done, I really just cant push myself to login right now, I feel terribad.

I understand your pain…

It is a beta so lots of features are still coming… “Anywhere in the game warning about this”… Well, there is no online component yet (unless you count chat) so the warning on the login screen is probably about as close as you could get to anything official right now.

In hindsight there could be something about “everything is local for now” but they are pushing hard for the multiplayer/online component so it may only be a few more months left of offline only… they did promise 2021…

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