Character gone after power outage

Hi there,

I was playing and my power went out. After I logged back in, the character I was playing is gone. I’m trying to mess with the local files and I see two character slot things but, it keeps only loading my first toon.

Please help!

Every time I delete the “temp” files they get replaced

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Unfortunately there is very little that anyone can do… If the game was trying to access the save files when your system lost power then it could have corrupted the file and there is not much that can be done… If you are using Steam, sometimes Steam Cloud will even backup the corrupted file and replace it every time it loads.

The _temp files are the games on backups but they can just as easily be messed up…

The only “safe” way of preventing this in the future is to make manual backups of the savegames before you play - that way at least you will not lose more than the last play session.

Obviously when the game adds multiplayer and online features than you can have characters online and things like this will be less of a problem.


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