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Character get in a slow state that never ends

When doing Arena it has occured more or less each and every time after a while playing (not entirerly sure though if other characters are affected as well) Knight, that the character remains in a very slow walk speed which affect cast/attack speed as well as slow momvement. I would assume enemy spells somehow stays on you even teleporting back to town. You have to restart or log out of the game to make get rid of this state. Kinda frustrating as it made me die after XXX waves in the arena.

Could you please post your log file the next time this happens?

Will do that!

Not OP but I have the same issue. Before I logged out my movement speed with all equipment off is -45%. I relogged and the movement speed is back to 0%. Uploaded my log file.
output_log.txt (406.0 KB)


It looks like that’s the log file from our Launcher.

If this happens again, it would help a lot if we could get the game client’s output file.

woops sorry! will do so.

I tried finding the log file using the guide but could not so I just used the search function :speak_no_evil:

Thank you again for the reports! We no longer requite log files.

Our Lead Developer has identified a case where stats could fail to update upon an ailment expiring. A fix for this has been created and should be included in our next patch.

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This issue should be resolved as of Patch 0.6.1.

Marking thread as solved. Please let us know if you continue to experience this.

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