Character Customization/ Multiplayer

`Start by saying great game so far. Kinda clippy and buggy here and there but if smoothed out will be top notch.

-Gotta have non gender locked classes, and maybe 3 skin types 3 head types fin
-Link gear
-Work on multiplayer content maybe a dungeon that’s specific for group play that will require stat buffer+heals+Dps
-Hearing rumours of centralized town with players inside would be good for forming groups, trading, duels, showing off gear, barrens chat.

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EHG is very much for this, but this does requrie tremendous amount of work.
Just having another gender (body type) will require double the animation, 3D model and voice acting work (and more).

There is a lenghty thread about it with several devs commenting as well.

It is already in the works and might come in a hotfix before the next bigger patch.

EHG already stated, that they will never put content in the game, that will require a party.
But they want to discover possible ways to make boss fights and encounters more interesting in multiplayer (maybe some bosses gain specific new mechanics etc.)

EHG also wants to implement more social options, but the chat (and outside the game, discord and other paltforms) are everything we will get for now.

All further social features will most likely not come before or even with 1.0, rather Post 1.0

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