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Changing master quality makes game crash

i have issue, when changing master quality game is crashing. I find out that on medium or higher preference game makes my VRAM reach near max 8GB and than its crash. With most case NV drivers go crash too. On very low and low settings game uses around 4GB VRAM.
Changing remaining settings doesn’t change anything. I can play on low master quality and rest very high.

CPU: i7 3770K
GPU: GTX 1070

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are having hassles…

Please can you include your player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini files & the output of a dxdiag report if you are using Windows… These files will give more information and possibly suggest a solution for the problem you are having…

In the meanwhile please ensure that you have done the following:

  1. Verify the game files

  2. Make sure your GPU drivers are recent - something from the last 2-3 months should be fine.

  3. If you are using Windows, please make sure your OS is patched and there are no pending or failed updates.

  4. Make sure to disable or temporarily not run any other applications while testing LE… this includes things like graphical overlays, streaming etc…

  5. Sometimes the graphic setting file can get corrupted and cause problems when changing settings in game… After you have made a copy to post here and while the game is not running, please can you remove the le_graphicsmanager.ini file and the backup (.bak) file and then restart the game and see if the same crashes happen.

I update everything.
I do clean GPU driver installation.
For making logs purpose i close every unnecessary apps in background.

DxDiag.txt (109.0 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (483 Bytes)
Player.log (53.5 KB)



  1. Did you Verify the Game files in Steam?
  2. Did your delete the le_graphicsmanager.ini?

The master setting is just a quick way to change the rest of the settings that actually affect the game… I would recommend that you just keep that on Medium/Low and manually set the rest settings to Low/Very low to see how the game improves… Dont use any setting above Medium.

The player.log shows that the game is having D3D11 errors when trying to create textures and then it has System out of memory! errors and then crashes on the game engine (UnityPlayer.dll)

This problem is usually resolved by verifying the game files in Steam (sometimes there are messed up game files) OR doing a proper safe mode (or DDU) driver reinstallation… A normal driver upgrade WILL NOT WORK… Sometimes you also have to roll back to an older driver - especially if you are using older hardware.

Also… Your settings file shows that you are using Vsync… Vsync doesnt work as well as the framerate limiting to keep the game stable… It does a similar thing, but the game is more stable if you use Framerate limits… I play the game on a 1060 @ 1080p with everything on very low and I set the FPS limit to 60fps… I can play at 100fps+ but then the game crashes/freezes or has problems.

Other things:

  1. Your windows is 19042… There is a patch to 19043.

  2. There are lots of Windows store update errors on your system that need to be checked to see if Windows is trying to update something important

  3. There are lots of Microsoft Edge Update errors - you need to check why this is happening.

Yes, I verify files.
Yes, I delete this file.
By clean drivers install I mean using DDU in safety mode.
I don’t think that master quality change only option below. I see difference when i change AA, shadows or light on very high, but game don’t crash cos of that. So when i say that it don’t change anything i mean for crashing.

I update system and drivers only for making this logs. I normally use older rev for system and drivers.

For the rest,
I cant update to 19043. Windows update show me that my system is updated.
I don’t use windows store, don’t have Microsoft account.
I don’t care about Edge, i don’t use it.

I post this only for report purpose. I can play pretty stable on low.

For me, every common problem with game is caused cos this issue. I have problem with changing maps, login screen, loading character and anytime its cos game overloading my VRAM.

It doesnt matter if you dont use Store or Edge - they are part of Windows and should not be crashing / generating errors / not updating properly… I dont use Windows Store or Edge but I dont have any of these errors on my system. This could mean that there is something else on your machine that is not working properly.

19043 is 21H1 optional update for windows (and includes various other fixes since May)

Maybe the devs can find something in your logs that could explain the issue & fix it… To be honest, I have only seen the System Out of Memory problem with very old & under spec systems but I have never seen it on 1070s. The game is definitely unoptimised and does use a lot of system memory (I have gotten it to use 14GB) & vram (all 3gb on my 1060) depending on in game settings but I dont know how easy your problem is going to be able to be found.