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Change mage 3D model


I would like to share an opinion about the mage here.
To me, it’s the less charisma caracter and a “simple” 3D overhaul of the model will not be enought.

It doesn’t meet the standards which are now present in the game and to me he look terrible…
I think he needs to totally change from what he is now.

This impression is present in the game but also in the selection caracter screen.

Tell me if you agree or disagree guys :slight_smile:


On next patch 0.8.4 Mage receives new character model.

  • New Mage and Acolyte Character Models

It’s coming in 0.8.4 on December 10th.

Edit: Dammit, @Chatterbox was faster :imp:


Oh nice, but is this going to be like the primalist (overhaul) or a totally new one ?

We don’t know the Extend yet, but it’s very likely to be similar to the Primalist one and the Sentinel on that is also coming in 0.8.4, which already got teasered

Edit: Here is the link New Model and Armor Sets for Sentinel coming in 0.8.4

Not sure if Acolyte and Mage also will receive totally new armors.

I hope Acolyte will get new Armour models.

Yup… So I’m afraid it’s not going to be enough since the based model looks terrible to me :confused:

Why not wait and see… its only 10 days from now… :grinning: