Celebrating a Milestone - 1 Million Copies of Last Epoch Sold!

I want to say 30%.

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Congratulations :slight_smile:

I hope your servers are able to handle this, because i have a little bad feeling this could be wolcen 2.0

So please please please make sure youre servers are ready for this

Im happy to start the full LE experience at 21. February

Kind regards

Heck yeah congrats! My hands-down favorite ARPG, dying for the big release!

It’s crazy what a dev team that actually cares can accomplish.

Big congrats well deserved one of the best ARPGs around.

It’s not going to even slightly “Wolcen 2.0” 'cause they’re not changing things like Wolcen did.

1 Million Copies Sold. 650 000 Actual Human Players.
I am 1 single Human being. I “own” actual 3 of these 1Mill Copies.


One thought I have in addition to the fact that the game just reached 1m sales is that EHG and all the devs who have made appearances on screen, in these forums and elsewhere earned the trust of 1m players who paid for the early access period, many of whom did so many years ago, based on their trust that EHG would fulfill their EA promises and create the game they described when they launched EA.

Given how so many ‘ea’ games don’t last the course, or others where the devs simply ignore what they originally pitched and break the trust of the players who paid them based on their initial promises, EHG have shown their complete integrity and have delivered a game arguably far more impressive than they outlined when they started.

For that EHG are in a small minority of developers … Larian’s EA with BG3 is another where the developer lived up to and exceeded their promises … if only all developers embarking on the ‘ea’ route has such integrity.

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Awesome work, you guys - keep it up!

Well deserved, the years of playing the alpha/beta’s were great. Here is to a successful launch!

Congratulations !


da hype is real, loginnn

Congrats! This game is so fun to play.

Respect and congratulation to one million copies sold of LE!

I am with LE and EHG for about 3 years now and i enjoyed every minute of the game! Keep up the great work, dear EHG-team - may you sell 5+ million copies of LE and more!

Regards and best wishes from Germany!


I am happy for the devs as it means game will recieve good support, that makes me happy as j am enjoying the game

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Can’t wait!

Congratulations! You guys are doing great!