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Captain America Shield Throw META - Last Epoch Build Guide

Captain America

Yes Captain America is back for Last Epoch! Melt those Bosses and rush through the story! We bring you a absolute insane and perfect combination of massive survivability and damage. Enjoy this Build Guide and show your friends you can do Wave 200+ Easy with 200%+ attack speed and crits up to 12K - holy this is fun -.-

For the Gear: Tunklab link:


Where does all your attack speed come from? The (written) guide doesn’t say & youtube is blocked from work… :frowning:

Edit: I can see ~163% from gear, skills & passives plus an additional 16-32% while Holy Aura is active.

Have you thought about using even just 1 (given your attack speed) Keen idol to proc Smite on hit?

Lol… First time I saw “Shield Throw” I knew someone would build the Captain.

Looks fun to play… Like how other than the throwing affixes, the gear is pretty normal… Could be OP with getting some def & block up…

So little time… so many builds… arghh… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey @Llama8 yeah exactly numbers are around that. Gear. Gloves and Ring and from many passive notes :slight_smile: using holy aura and smite for a boost. Item rolls are not 100% perfect and there is even a possible 16% increased attack speed in holy aura “Fanaticism” Im sure it would be able to push it up to 250% lot of work :smiley: thanks for the suggestion with the idol. i know this exists, i have 10 stashes of idols with 200-300 and never found this one … would be a insane boost i guess. i jsut gotta keep grinding to find it XD chees mate

:slight_smile: NP. Don’t forget possibly getting t6/7 throwing attack speed affixes for even moar speeeeed. :wink:

Hey @vapourfire yeah exactly my mind saw the build and booom Captain America waht else XD
Yeah agree definitely add some more block chance and def. damage output is ok

oh yeah i can feel you i jsut want to play eyerything at the same time hahahahah
really awesome game <3 and really love the community

oh yeah dude that would be insane :open_mouth: imagine XD

And… todays shield bash announcement…

this build is looking even more interesting… :wink:

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Hey dude, you gonna update this for 7.10… ?

Been messing around with the build in 7.10… obviously very loosely based on your starting point… am lvl 73 so early days… Lots of issues to deal with before deciding if its viable for end game - I am not @Rimed or @boardman21 when it comes to understanding the theorycrafting so I am doing this by trial and error really - but its damn fun to play wizzing shields all over the screen…

Some new things that look promising.

  • Lava bursts do massive damage on ricochets - but you can not see this on the training dummy so you think the damage is too low until you try it on mobs

  • Shield Rush & Lunge can trigger Shield Bash and Shield Bash can boost shield throw by 5 more ricochets. And thats just the obvious synergies, I am sure there are others.

  • Armour & block have so many linked nodes to Shield Throw / Bash that you feel really tanky…

  • Single target damage where there is no chance for ricochets is a problem but I am sure there is a solution. Not happy with boss fights because of this… There are skill tree nodes that look like they are going to address this but I have some lvling to do to get there.

  • And forget about ranged mobs… lol… so great to smash them before they even know I am there…


use ring of shields and take the node in shield throw that richchets of allies. so it bounce off single target to shield and back


Exactly why I said I don’t have your theorycrafting knowledge… :wink:

I would have to sacrifice another skill for this… I am using Sigils for Damage boost & Armour and Holy Aura for the throwing attack nodes & speed. Which would you recommend I drop in favour of Ring of Shields? My gut is saying drop Sigils as its not specifically throwing related.

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i would drop sigils. Can auto cast ring of shields. Maintaining sigils is just annoying, but thats my opinion

Lol… I also hate keeping Sigils up… Already decided to swap them for Ring of Shields… Made a huge difference to damage… so much that i found myself asking how it hasnt been nerfed yet… ;-)… Thanks for the help…

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Lava Burst is a separate hit so you can see it on the training dummy (if you’re quick enough).

IMO, the node that ricochets to allies is nasty with Ring of Shields, RoS is as likely to suck up all of your ricochets as the enemies are so you miss out on the initial hit damage (though obviously you get the AoE from Lava Burst which you wouldn’t otherwise).

Too old for that… :grinning:

I have noticed that RoS does do this. Its easiest seen if you try and throw at a crate, the shields now intercept it (when without the node, they do not)…

However, I have noticed that if you aim correctly at an enemy then the shields dont intercept it… if you just spam throw without a mob target then yes, the RoS goes ape & you have ricochets all around you…

Imho, this subtle change seems ok vs the overall improvement. Only time will tell…

BTW… Trying to improve the throwing damage seems a little confusing to me - lots of % increases are easy, but I am not sure what the ideal weapon / affix on weapon to use would be… Not sure which gives the biggest bang for the buck… Any suggestions?

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The weapon either doesn’t matter (if you’re going hit damage) or a sceptre would be best (if you’re wanting to maximise Eruption damage, or potentially even a wand).

For weapon affixes, any % increase for the element you want it to do (either physical or fire for Eruption).


thanks guys @boardman21 @Llama8 you pretty much nailed it.
need to play this build as well as it is so much fun to play, agree with you @vapourfire
sure will update it once im done just so many things to try XDDD
enjoy the new patch guys :slight_smile:

Doesn’t shield throw classified as throw, & do not scale with melee damage, or am I wrong?

Also, am I correct to say phy damage does nothing for shield throw if you go for the fire route?

I am fairly new so forgive my noob questions.

Correct, +% melee damage would do nothing for Shield Throw. Flat added phys damage would be converted to fire damage if you take Molten Shield & therefore any +% phys damage wouldn’t do anything for you.

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