Can't retrieve my characters

Hi everyone !
Last night i reinstalled my W10 and when i launched Last Epoch (which i installed on a different SSD), i had the bad surprise to see all my characters were missing.
Aren’t all the characters saved automatically on a server or a cloud ?

Thanks a lot. good day !

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you have fallen prey to the incorrect assumption that savegames are server based… They are not…

Savegames & all other Last Epoch files specific to your characters and game setup are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games (if you are using Windows)

If you reinstalled without backing up the savegames then there is nothing anyone can do.

If you were using Steam Cloud saves then you may be able to retrieve your files from Sign In

When EHG launches the online multiplayer features, then we will all have offline (like now) and online characters (saved on EHG servers)… Until then everything is offline.


Thanks a lot for your reply, you’ve confirmed what i feared the most.
I checked out the files which are stocked in the cloud and what i found are files created today and nothing older than today, so i’m genuinely screwed.
So, even if i’m completely angry about my mistakes and my newbieness, i see the good side : i’ll try another classes and hope to have better uniques.

Again, thanks a lot for the reply and clarification

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